Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


14. the evil unicorn

Psfht I'll cut you guys some slack

So I gt the reads but not the votes but I'll update but next time I won't -.- see what you made me do you made me make my angry face jkjk ok my pickles lets continue


Jordan's POV

Ok saying getting bit hurt was and understatement it hurt like when you see a puppy die ya that bad

Ugh my arm is still numb and hurts like hell still ugh Harry's dead to me dead

Liam: Jordan?

me: ya

liam: why did you say yes to that dare that harry gave you?

me: well I played truth and dare with my other friends when I was 13 and when we did I choose dare and of Corse I denied it so I was forced to stay the night inside a small closet with a stuffed unicorn.

(Liam started laughing his ass off)

Liam: so your telling me your scared of stuffed unicorns?

me: hey if you had to spend the night in a small closet with a unicorn you'd get scared the crap out of to.

Liam: ok ok you win but what was wrong with the unicorn? ( he's starting to piss me off)

me: well have you ever seen my little ponies?

(Liam shook his head)

me: well that was some crazy shit when I was a kid, so a unicorn to me was a creepy evil thing.

(Liam was just sitting her laughing is butt tux off)

me: geez if you don't shut up ill smack you into next year.

Liam: ok im done

me: so on a unrelated topic what do you think about jess and niall?

Liam: hmm jess and niall , well there cute tighter

me: really I think so to

liam: do you remember when she tripped in the ally?

me: oh god that was rich I wish I got that on tape

(jess pops out of no where with a half asleep niall by here side)

jess: that was not funny I could have died (she started pouting)

(niall wraps his arms around her waist)

Niall: ya that's not funny

( I was giggling to myself oh god they are cue together)

( I started pointing at them two )

me: so you two together ehh?

(jess started to blush barely geez I've never seen her blush wow)

jess: well what about you two ( she pointed at Liam and I)

(I was blushing a lot I mean if you looked up my name there would be a picture of a tomato)

me: um you now je-

Liam: ya so what if we are together?

niall: wait you are together

Liam: yep ( he said popping the "p")

( that was it I bitch slapped that murfurfurcker )

Liam: ow what was that for

me: not letting me finish

Zayn: at least we now who wears the pants in the relation ship

perrie: hey all girls do there way tougher

Louis: not true

chloe: oh yes it is

Louis: no no no I wear the pants in this relation ship

chloe: oh hell to the no

(all the sudden a pissed of harry walks into the room with a uni-un-unicorn)

harry: will all you shut the @#$% up

( he threw the unicorn and it hit me)

me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( I got up and ran around in circles in tell I ran into a wall)

me: ow ( I said as I laid on the ground)

harry: whoops

me: that's it styles, you better watch out, because when you wake up youll be bald

harry : no no no no no no

me : yes ( I screamed forgetting about the zombies and chasing harry around in tell he tackled me)

harry: hahaha who wins now

Me: no no no ( I said as he held up the unicorn)

harry: say hi to my pet unicorn

( he stuck it in my face )

me: nooooo ( but it came out muffled)

( I kneed harry where the sun don't shine)

( I got up and ran out screaming )

me: no no no no the evil little creature........


hey pickles ok sorry if this sucks yes ill start adding quotes in my book sorry


ok so ill update when I get 100+ reads

and 7+ votes

thanks my pickles till next time this is jj coming at you live from my house goodnight... ill be watching you -.-

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