Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


18. Sam

hey guys here's my update and can you guys check out

Dark Meets me by me thanks


Jordan's POv

Me: so guys how are we going to get back to the bus?

liam: well we can take the back to the bus and try to avoid open areas

Me: geek I laughed

liam: do you want to get eaten he said sternly

Me: yes I said staring in his eyes

liam: then go no one would miss you

(everyon gasps )

Niall: dude even I know that was not cool

liam: wait did I just say what I think I said?( everyone nodded)

liam's pov

IM an idoit did I just say what I think I said ugh stuiped, stuiped

I quickly looked over to Jordan who had a tear down her cheek

Me:jordan I said as soft as I could

she just shook her head no

Jordan: ok guys just make sure you get back to the bus and don't worry about me

jess: Jordan what are you talking about?

chloe: Jordan?

perrie: no Jordan you wouldn't

Jordan: ok when I count to three go

liam: Jordan what?

all of the sudden Jordan ran in to the crowd and screamed " come and get me you over weight peasents"

liam: Jordan I screamed

zany: shit liam you had to say that

perrie: fuck lets go hurry

( we all ran and got to the bus safely but Jordan wasn't here)

Liam: im going to get her

harry: hey smart one she ran off because of you


Jordan's POV

I ran and ran luckily I outran those dead things I made it to the road but had no clue were to go

great Jordan great Jordan I thought. ugh

I decided to walk down the road I heard this weird sound like a car a car yes I screamed

I ran up the highway I'm guessing is what I was on I ran in tell I saw about 10 zombies around the

broken down car eating what seemed to be left of a wife. I heard a scream about maybe 20 feet into

the woods I didn't care if the zombies were by me I ran to only see what seemed to be a at most 6

year old girl with her back up against a tree and 3 walkers around her fuck I cursed cant anything ever

be easy. I whistled loudly all of the walkers turned around That gave me time to disconnect their

heads. after they have died I looked over at the little girl she was terrified out of her mind great

I squatted next to her she backed up

me: hey its ok what's your name love?

little girl: Sam

me: it's nice to meet you Sam im Jordan

(Sam ran up and buried her head in my chest and started to cry)

me: ( I hugged her back) hey its ok im here are you scratched or bitten?

Sam: no she whisperd

me: ok Sam lets go

( she shook her head Sam and I walked in the forest while following the woods I feel terrible that was her mom)

we were walking for at least an hour and still no luck of finding the group great.

we were still walking in tell I heard screaming people screaming my name oh my go d they found me

Me: Liam I screamed

liam: Jordan ( they were close )

I screamed again with Sam screaming to with in a minute Liam and the group came running out Liam ran up and hugged me

Liam: Jordan I'm so sorry

me:( I was crying still holding on to Sam or Sam holding on to my leg) It's ok Liam

harry: (coughed) um who's she? ( he asked pointing to Sam)

me: guys this is Sam and Sam this liam,harry,zayn.louis,niall,jess,chloe,josh,and my dad

Sam: hi she stuttered

( we walked or were in stealth mood till we got to the bus and we all got in with sam cuddling with me)

Liam: looks like someone took my place

( we all laughed)

Me: oh shut up


ok my pickles how about that

I hoped that didn't suck to much I love

you guys and check out my new story Dark meets me

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