Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


17. rescue mission

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Jordan's POV

Great liam and I were out of breath we had to out run a horde of zombies ugh why can't life be

Easy why?

So about ten minutes ago we talked to Niall and Jess great and there trapped just great I mea-

Zayn: Jordan ? ( he said wavering a hand In front of my face)

Me: ya ( I replied groggily )

Zayn: you look tired. Why don't you go get some rest.

Me: no I can't , I have to figure out how to save those two idiots !!

Zayn: Jordan you heard them there safe just get some sleep ok?

Me: fine ( I huff)

Zayn : good

I really didn't like the fact those two were out there by them selfs no it's not that I don't trust them it's just what if they

Get hurt like really bad, and are stuck and get eaten? ( my thoughts were interrupted by two muscle are arms wrapping around my waist)

Liam: hey babe

Me: hey

Liam's POV

I was just sitting around thinking about Niall and Jess being out there by them selfs. I hope that there ok I mean Niall is like a brother

To me, he's always there to help me out opened to talk to. Well I was deep in thought In tell I saw the brunette drop dead hot girl walk by

Or in other words my girlfriend Jordan I quietly chuckled to my self it felt good to call her my girlfriend so I made a move I came up to her

And I could tell she was deep in thought so I snaked my arms around her but she looked afraid so I had to find out why

Me: Jordan?

Jordan : ya?

Me: are you ok?

Jordan : ya- well actually no

me: whats up

Jordan: well I'm just worried what happens if this never ends?

Me: well - I don't know maybe we can just still be normal again

Jordan ya

(7 hours of peaceful bliss sleep)

Jordan's POV

We all awoke early due to the whole zombie thing and Niall and Jess

So we were all searching still are walkie- talkies dead and every thing is going down words great

Liam and I were searching along with the group in tell we came across a cave with a bunch of zombies around it

Liam: do you guys think this is it

Me: well I'm gonna take a wild guess and say yes

Zayn : ok let's go

(5 min later)

Perrie: ew is that zombie brain in your hair zayn?

Zayn : ew ew ew we get it off

Me: ok guys let's go

Finally we got the rock off the entrance and there in front of us was the two best people ever

Everyone : Niall

Jess: oh I see how it is ( she starts to pout)

Me: yo Jess my nigga

Jess: Jordan I. White

Me: ya my nigga

( ok first of all not meaning to be racist ok I'm not racist either sorry if it seems like that


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I'm sorry if it sucked

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