Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


15. Nutella @$&?!

Thanks guys of they reads and votes love ya guys


Jordan's POV

How dare him, how dare he terrorize me with that stuffed unicorn

Ugh he is so dead to me I wonder if I would go to jail if I murdered the Harry styles

I mean hey were in a zombie apocalypse so hey what is the worst part of this.

Oh ya seems like all of us are moving out and were going to try to get as far away from these zombies as we can.

Ya there have been a bunch of zombies here since last night were I had a screaming feast hey they would have to.

We have all been packing the rest of food we have and supplies and clothing

Rick: Jordan?

Me: in the living room

Rick : ah ok

( everybody walks in )

Liam: so how are we getting out of here?

Rick: well there are two buses in the garage but if we take those we have to fix them up

Me: great that's just great

Liam: hey don't worry babe we can get through this

Me: babe?

Liam: ugh fine how about flower?

Me: I'll take babe

Liam: ha thought so

Niall: wait how are we going to fix the busses?

Zayn : ya no one knows how to fix them let alone make them stronger

Me: hey actually Chloe, and Jess can mend the buses and me and perrie can work on designs

Liam: ok then what can we do we can't let you girls do everything

Me: ok big boys you guys can do the heavy lifting

Niall: hey that's not cool

Jess: no one said we were cool

Niall: obviously

Jess: jerk ( walks away)

Liam: boy did you screw up there ( liam said laughing )

Me: hey your I. Trouble to mr. ( walks away too along with Jess)

( all heads snap to Chloe to see who's side she'll take)

Chloe: hey there my friends and you guys aren't really helping your case with no knowing how to fix anything

Harry : hey we don't get out much

Chloe: well at least if you walked out on the street now you'd live for five minutes atleast

Rick: hey let's just get to work

( 6 hours later)

Liam: yes we're finally done we can leave this house

Harry: yes ( Harry said as high five in the other dudes)

Chloe: you know what you guys can fuck off you guys just sat there watching and eating wait what is that liam?

Liam: I think it was the last Nutella jar we have

Jess: oh shit nope your dead ( Chloe,Jess, and Perrie took a huge step back)

Me: hey guys are we fini- ( my mouth is open because he's holding my Nutella jar EMPTY )

Me : who at-a-ate my nu-nutte-Nutella

Liam: me ( he said worried )

Me: your dead do you here me dead

( I tackled him and licked his cheek)

Liam: eww ( he pushed me off easily)

( liam rubs his cheek)

Liam: did you just lick me

Me: yes

Perrie: guys don't mean to be a burden but if we don't go we'll be zombie chow so I kinda want to live to see 22

Me: ya me to but I don't want to be 22 I want to be 8097864

Rick: god how did I raise you now let's go

Everyone: ok

( we all piled into the newly designed buses thanks to me and the other people I don't know just kidding I know them well

We were on our way to some little deserted town hopefully finding a way to get away from those flesh eating zombies so far so good



Hey my pickles sorry if that was short or crapy sorry

So what did you guys think

Ok so for me to update for the next chapter I have to have

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Thank you my pickles love ya by the way I'm thinking of writing a stranded on an island with 1D story ?

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