Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


16. love I think so

Ok guys see that wasn't that hard

So for the chapter after this it

Will have to be

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Liam's POV

Ok so we have been on the road for around 6 hours geez this is boring wait what am

I saying I'm the one who never gets bored oh god I'm becoming a mini louis dear god why?

Well we need to do something to kill the bored ness ugh.

Me: hey guys?

( no one answerd me)

Me: guys I'm bored

( again no one is listening)

Me: guys are you even listing

Jordan: um liam come look at this

( I slowly got up and walked over to the window on the bus that they were looking out of)

Me: whats wrong Jo?

Jordan: um we have a huge problem

Me: what?

Chloe: hey you faggot do you see this ( she says while pointing outside)

( I finally look outside the window with everybody else oh god)

Me: wow

Niall: what are we going to do?

Jess: your a real blonde aren't you?

Niall: jerk

Jess: hey I love you

Niall: I love you to

Jordan: as much as you guys make me wanna puke we have to figure out how to get out of this horde

Harry: ya Jordan's right

Jess: no duh Sherlock homes ( she said as she smacked his head)

Rick: um we kind of just ran out of gas

Perrie: really?

Jordan: great dad just great

Rick: well this horde of zombies I'd huge why don't we split up and meet in the middle?

Me: no offense but are you nuts?

Jordan: actually that's smart, we move faster with only two people together and quieter .

Me: are you serious Jordan?

Jordan : well it's worth a shoot

( we all split in groups me with Jordan Jess with Niall Louis with cloe zayn with Perrie and Harry with josh and rick)

( we all got some maps we got from other glove boxes of car on the way here)

Jordan: do we have any Wilkie-talkies ?

Rick: here we'll be on channel 7 remember call when it gets dark and don't get bit

( we all set off on the opposite side of the zombie horde luckily me and Jordan didn't have a problem getting around so we set of

heading east)

Nialls POV

So me and Jess got paired thank god I like her she's smart funny and she doesn't try to eat me well at least she doesn't when I don't

steal Her food

There was a small tension in the air around us

Jess: hey Niall? ( Jess said awkwardly to break the tension)

Me: ya

Jess: do you think well make it

Me: to tell you the truth I don't know but I think we will

Jess: ya me to but what if we don't

Me: well look at it this way I made it to the top in yes music business, and I'm in love

( Jess looked at me weirdly then got this oh no duh face)

Jess: ya your right I'm in a little band group with Jordan, and I'm in love to with thin cute shortish guy

( I stopped and looked at Jess hurt was written on my face )

Me: wait who do you like

Jess: well he's cute about 2iches taller then me and is hot

Me: ( I gasped ) you like Harry don't you ( I let a little tear go)

Jess: what are you talking about its you you idiot

(Within seconds her lips connected to mine and they moved in perfect sync ugh I could kiss her forever but all the sudden we heard

A low growl shit)

We snapped our heads around and there were like 10 zombies

Me:( I practically shouted this) god why when ever I might get a girlfriend you decide to try to kill her geez

Jess: wait you've had other girlfriends who things have tried to kill her

Me: nope

Jess: ok then let's just run now before I do get eaten

Me: oh ya

( we ran for what seemed like forever until Jess tripped on a tree branch and we tripped and rolled down a huge hill into a cavefish


Me: oh my god Jess are you ok

Jess: oh ya I jus have a couple of cuts

Me: are you sure?

Jess: yes wait what are we going to do

Me: well we need to block the door so let's get to that

( we blocked the door with would and rocks )

Jess: Niall it's almost dark

Me: ya let's call in

( so we called in everyone is safe and is together at a mall)

Jess: Niall I'm scared

Me: it's ok ( I said as I hugged her and we both fell asleep In Each others arms)

__________________ ____________________

Ok guys so thanks for staying with me

Ok like I said i need

160+ reads


32+ votes

Love you my pickles and goodnight

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