Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


23. k

Liam's pov

Great I was hoped that he would say josh or zayn but no he had to say Jordan dammit, what happens if she gets bit? I mean ya we've survived but look! anything can happen and I don't want Jordan to get hurt have to do something.

Me: " wait, what if we get stuck?" (I spoke hoping that Rick got what I was saying,)

(Rick raised an eyebrow, and with that I knew he got what I was saying!"

Rick:"ok Liam, I got what your saying . Josh your in for Liam" ( Rick stated , oh god maybe he didn't get what I was trying to say.)

Me: no that's not what I me-"

( I was cut off by Rick saying)

Rick:"don't worry we all have those moments kid." he stated

Jordan; wait your not coming?" ( she asked, I looked at her and reads the only emotion I could pick up fear)

( before I could answer Rick shouted "time to move out.!!")

Within a minute they were gone

Jordan's pov

I didn't get it maybe liam was trying to say something else and my father just took it the wrong way.

( harry nudged me)

Harry:" hey you ok"

(He asked as he watched me with pure concern?)

Me: " ya I'm fine I mean I'm as good as I could be!" I stated while laughing

Harry ; we'll I guess-

( but Harris sentence was caught off by a manly scream)

( all harry,louis and I snapped

Our heads up to watch a bob take a bite out of josh )

Me:" ahhhhh" I screamed

( as harry moved us into a building and locking the doors but they were glass and weren't going to hold for

Long. as zombie after zombie kept lining up outside to bang in the door, me and Harry and Louis were freaking out.)

Louis: Jordan where's that walker talkie ? he questioned

( I started patting my body to find the device but my hands didn't come across anything )

Me: shit !! I screeched

Harry: Jordan what is it

Me: I must have dropped it out there ( I spoke as I pointed to the crowd of zombies)

Louis: fuck were dead

( the worst part of this is he was right, wait all buildings have a service station)

Me: guys!!! ( I stated as they all looked at me) all service stations have a warlike talkie station!

Louis : let's go then

( we took off down diffrent halls until we read a door sign "service station" )

Me: guys I called out

( marketing them arrive seconds later )

Harry: is this it?

Louis: ya it is, ok Jordan hurry

Me; I'm trying ( I spoke while fumbling with the nobs try to find channel 7. once I found it I heard talking)

Me: guys!!!!( I yelled into the walkie )

( there was some fumbling around before I heard a small voice)

Sam: Jordan

Me: sam, Sam put on liam or my dad hurry

( only a couple of seconds later)

Liam: Jordan ?

Me: liam we need help josh is fed and were trapped and glass isn't going to hold them for long! ( I basically yelled in on breath

Liam: hold in Jordan we'll be right there were are yo- ( wright before he could finish his sentence we heard class shattering )

Me: run I yelled pointing at the boys

Both if them : we're not leaving we're in this together!

Me: if you don't leave u will kill you

(I yelled havering them flee and get out side before the zombies came. I looked around to find stairs that lead to the roof , I thought i was safe until the door busted open reveling hungry zombies. and the worst thing I was trapped.)

Liam's pov

Me: no no no no (I kept repeating, why her)

( Rick came down the stairs along with everybody else,)

Rick: what's wrong kid?

( I turned around reveling me Tear stained face)

Me: they got josh and Jordan

Everyone: what!!!o!


Nice ending to the chapter right hahahaha ok so how should the end be?

By the way shout out to imacupcake13

And her story Midnight heartbreak I loved it hurry go read it I won't update till her story gets up to 249 reds and 30 stars!!!! and check out my one direction preferences !!!

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