Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


2. god help us

Jordan's POV

Both of our heads snap around to see a terrifying sight there was this deformed person thing taking a bite out of

A poor lady.

Oh my I said

Fish sticks Jess finished my sentence

All the sudden the horrid creature snapped its head up and looked me dead it the eyes oh crap it's over Jordan over

The thing charged at us with all it's might but it moved like a snail ugh hurry up and eat me already I said in my head

Come on Jordan lets run Jess said tugging on my shirt

That sounds like a good plan I said

Jess and I ran for a straight 10 mins we were both scared as hell we had no weapons and no idea of we're we should go

Liam's POV

Come on guys we have to get somewhere we won't get eaten I said in my stern daddy direction voice

Well that seems like a great plan louis says note the sarcasm

Gather up any supplies you can find and aim for the head I said

We walked for what seemed hours but was only for maybe a half a hour we really didn't have any trouble well in tell we heard this high pitched scream

We all gave each other that look we all ran to see 2 girls stuck in the middle of at least twenty zombies shit

Louis and zayn take the right Harry Niall take the right and I'm in the middle I screamed to the 4 boys who were already killing the zombies.

Jordan POV

Jess let put a high pitched scream slight I mermerd we were surrounded oh god oh god I kept repeating in tell I heard someone scream something.

All the sudden the zombies started dropping like flys we were saved oh my god were spared

When all the zombies were dead I did my yo ninja ass dance in tell I heard a person cough

I snapped back to reality and saw the five boys from one direction

I ran up to them Jess was fangirling already geez girl get it together you turkey I introduced me and Jess and shore each other's hands when I reached liam we shook but I felt a zap oh god I read about this no no no not with the liam payne god why do you hate me why.we both jumped back and looked at each other oh my god this heffalump felt them to.

Liam's POV

Ok so now what I said shyly

Did I really just fell sparkles with Jordan I mean we just meant like come on we're in a fudging zombie war god why god why.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

So my little pickles what did you think I'm sorry if it's bad I'm not that talented of a writer well oh ya you read that right now go read it before I send my heffalump to go find you - Jordan

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