Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


21. fights

Hey guys I'm so sorry that I haven't uploaded but I will now so guys ..


Jess's Pov

After having Jordan try to run into the crowd of flesh eaters

None of us really know what to do I mean Niall and I have

mainly stayed together as we sat in the old abandon house

That we found or building I really don't know. Jordan started to go over rules

And they were understandable I mean it's only the living and the dead but there

Should be a cure but of course I would bet anything that the people who created

This are either dead or don't plan on ending this any time soon. Jordan and I have been friends forever and not

Knowing what's going to happen tomorrow? shot has gotten bad are supplies

Are low we're out of water and that means we need to go on a supply run .

Nobody noticed it but I need to tell them all thy we're doing now was fighting about the weapons and

Who gets what." Guys" I said but nobody noticed do I got out of Niall's

grip and stood up on the table.

"Guys!" I yelled catching their attention

Jordan looked "yes Jess ?" Jordan questioned.

I looked up at them and said "we're out of supply's and the only way to hey more is back the same way to come, and I don't think you Bob's are going to like us back ." I breathed

Jordan said "shit!"

Liam: "you just had to charge at the damn Bob's" liam spoke while looking at her.


Hey pickles sorry but thanks for the reads I love you all and I'll try to uploaded more thank you guys !!!???.....

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