Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


7. at least I'm smarter then you

Sorry my pickles I was very busy last nigh I'll upload twice today hope you like the story

Love ya my pickles.


Jordan's POV

After what seemed to be hours but only like a few minutes we all finished are little laughing session

We all got up or stood up from what ever position we were in while laughing and started to make forts

To protect are selfs from zombies luckily we are next to a dicks sporting good so we split up into groups

Zyan was with Harry Chloe was with Louis and Jess was with Niall witch meant I was with Liam

Great I thought to my self don't get me wrong I like Liam but the whole Harry likening me and me likening Liam

It's like being in hell with your worst enemy.

Liam: hey Jordan

Me: ya sorry kinda out of it

Liam: well I would be to if I got shoot

Me: oh ya almost forgot about that

Liam: so are you ok you have been acting kids strange around Harry

Oh snag ball he noticed no no no no he can't if he finds out then he'll think I like Harry and not him crap

Me: oh just some nerves

Liam: ah ok

Liam's POV

Jordan and I have been walking and building little walls well actually these huge walls for the new town or carrot city as Louis likes to

call it because there are these carrot patches around the little fields how weird right I know it is because the plants are ok to eat witch

makes me wonder oh well. I've been noticing Jordan and Harry's attitude towards each other I wonder if anything happend no no get

out of your head Liam Jordan's your and only yours a little voice spoke in side my head geez little jealous are we.

About 2 hours later Jordan and I finished the walls it wasn't that bad it was pretty sturdy louis and Chloe used old dead cars to block

so openings the fort came out nice we went to some broken down gross moldy house wait this war thing only has been going on for like

a month and places already look like this geez.luckily Jordan found blankets and pillows for us to use in our quadrants.

Harry's POV

After Jordan and liam finished there walls I was kinda watching Jordan I wasn't trying to be a creepy stalker but hey she's hot I can't

control my emotions great that's just it I can't as I watch them I see how liam and Jordan interact it's cute really but it makes me so

angry I know wired how can I be angry at my best mate.

Jordan's POV

Luckily me and liam got first watch every one was asleep and that was a good thing

Liam: hey Jordan

Me: ya

Liam: so do you miss your family

Me: well yes and no I hope they made it the safe place if there is one at least

Liam: ya me to I love them

Me: well I'm very smart

Liam: wait what how did we just switch topics?

Me: I don't know just thought I'd point that out

Liam: oh no I'm smarter then you

Me: dream on amigo

Liam: I got down on one knee held a hand out and said I will dream on

Me: weirdo


Sorry if this story sucks my pickles I'm so sorry

Well should I continue or just stop the story

What do my pickles think?

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