Engelsk fanfiction

Hejsa;-) synes lige jeg ville forsøge mig med en engelsk fanfiction istedet for dansk;-) lad mig høre hvad i synes;-)


2. being ill!

Three days later:

I woke up, and of course I didn't feel too good at all. I chose to just stay in bed, so when it was around 13:00, Louis came in. "Jessica, you need to get up now.. You've been sleeping for too long" he said. I didn't answer him. He then pulled the douve off me. "No Louis" i said. He laughed. "You have to get up" he said. "No.. I don't feel too good.." I said. "Bad excuse" he laughed. "No.. Really" i said. He lifted an eyebrow. "Proof it" he said. I sat up on the bed and looked right into his eyes. "You believe me now?" i said with a tired voice. "How would i know?" He said with a big smile. "Louis!" I complained. "For gods sake! Could you just.. Arrrgh" i said. "Alright alright.. I'm back in a sec." He said. I sighed, and laid down on the bed again. He came in after a little while, and took my temperature. When he looked at that thing that took my temperature he got big eyes. "Yeah ok.. I believe you now" he said worried. "Oh really? I thought you said you didn't" i answered "but with this temperature i believe you" he said, and showed me the temperature. My temperature was way too high. "I'd like you to be with me and the boys, instead of in here" he said. "But Louis..". He interrupted me. "Jessica! I want you to.. With this temperature you shouldn't be by yourself" he said. I sighed. "But i look like crap Louis" i said. "Nobody cares if your ill" he said. He got up from the bed. "Come on" he said, and gave me a hand. I sighed again, and let him help me up. "Aren't you hungry?" He asked. "Not really.." I answered. He looked worried at me, and sighed. "Ok.." He said, before he walked towards the living-room. "She's still sleeping?" Zayn asked when Louis came in. "Actually, she's right here" he said, and moved a little so they could see me. "Woah.. You look like a dog just dragged you in here.." Zayn said. I looked reproachfully at Louis. "Actually.. She's ill" he said, looking apologetically at me. "Are you ill?" Niall asked worried. "No.. Of course not.. That's why i look like crap" i said sarcastically. "Jessica.. Omg.. You are just too much sometimes" Louis said laughing. I smiled sarcastically at him. "That's why you love me" i said. "You know me way too good" Louis said, sighing. I laughed a little. "Hey princess?" Niall said. I looked attentively at him. "You're coming over here?" He asked. I nodded a little and walked towards him. He wanted me to sit on him, so i did. "Wow.. You are really warm.." He said worried. I shrugged, and put my head on his chest. He kissed my forehead, which made me smile. God, i loved that boy. He caressed my back. First now i found out that everyone looked at me. "Take a picture guys" i said, which made Harry and Liam laugh silently. "It's just. We've never seen you ill before" Harry said. "That's because she refuses to let anyone see her when she's ill" Louis said. Again i looked reproachfully at him. "Then, why are you here now, if you refuse every time?" Liam asked. "Louis forced me" i said, still looking reproachfully at Louis. They all looked at Louis. "Forced her?" Niall asked. Overprotective boy. Omg, i love him so much. "Her temperature is way too high, so i thought it was best if she was in here with us" he said apologetically. "Too high?" Niall asked. Louis nodded, and told the others my temperature. Of course they all looked worried at me after he told them. "Relax, i'm not dead yet" i said. "Good, cause i thought you were dead already" Zayn said. I looked at him with a face-expression that just told him how not funny, he was. "Wow.. Relax" he laughed, putting his hands up like if he was getting arrested. I smiled fake, and put myself closer to Niall. He put his arms around me. "Niall?" I said. "Yes, my princess?" He answered. "I miss your lips" i said. He laughed a little. "I don't want to get sick, so you need to wait" he said reluctantly. I put out my lower lip, which made ham laugh. "I don't want to wait" i said. "Ok ok" Niall said, and finally gave me a kiss. It just didn't last for long enough. He smiled at me. "And now you have to wait" he said. I mumbled a little. "Don't misunderstand me.. I could kiss you all day long if you weren't ill" Niall whispered in my ear. I smiled at him. "Louis, control them" Zayn said. I looked at him with a big smile. "You jealous?" I asked. "Not at all" he answered laughing. "I have Perrie" he said. I looked back at Niall. "Control him" i said, acting like if i was Zayn. They all started laughing. Niall started tickling me. "Sto..stop Niallllll" i laughed. "Louiiiiss". "You kinda asked for it Jessica" Louis laughed. "Niaaalllll.. Stoop" i laughed. He didn't stop doing it. "Niall stop.. If you don't, I will throw up on you" i said seriously. He suddenly stopped, and i ran to the toilet to throw up. "Sorry" Niall said, when i came back. "It's not your fault" i said, sitting down on him again. "But still.. I tickled you" he said. I laughed a little. "And I love when people tickle me.. I don't remember when someone last time tickled me" i said, looking reproachfully at Louis. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Louis said, Laughing a little. "What do you think?" I said. "Ok, ok.. Remember, you kinda asked for this" he said, coming over to me and started tickling me. I fell down onto the ground, and laughed a lot. "Louiiis.. I didn't ask for that" I laughed.

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