More than meets the eye

(Inspired by turn this Around ALOT her last name is from vampire diary a though)
Heddo!i'm Princess.My full name is Princess Love 17.weird huh?i go by PL though.Im from Albony Australia,mum got a job down here in London that makes her gone ALOT.I have a little sister who is 5,her name is Princess Ariel,I call her who names there 2 kids the same thing?i watch Ariel a lot.She goes to her dad's house 3 weeks every month and mum is gone 24/7 so I watch the house and her but what I get out of it is a free house.So today is the first day of school,wish me luck!


8. chapter 8

Princess's POV

After a while he started tugging at the hem of my shirt but I Swatted his hands away and kept kissing him.He kept doing it and I had enough so I pushed him away.

"Let's get back to washing the dishes"I mumbled under my breath.He came up behind me while I was washing a cup and he snakes his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck.

"S-stop it Luke"

"No*kiss*can do babe*kiss*"

He continued until I pushed him away and walked out of the kitchen to the girls room.

"Hey Lilly babe,you got to pack up your stuff it's time for you and Luke to go"I smiled.

"Ok"she frowned.

"You can come over sometime soon I promise."

Her face lit up and she nodded.

"Bye bye pl!"

"Bye babe"

I took her hand and started walking to Luke that was standing in the kitchen on his phone.

"Time to leave lukey!"Lilly exclaimed.He turned around with a puzzles expression.

"Yep time to leave"I said flatly.He sighed and got up took Lilly's hand and mumbled bye and thanks for dinner.

Luke's POV

I was so close!!urghhh I really like princess I admit it.On the way home I remembered Lilly can't go to school because they are closed.Crap!oh wait I'll just ditch and watch her.

Princess's POV

I just remembered Ariel can't go to school tomorrow!wait.

Beeeep beeeep bee-

"Hello?"I heard Luke's voice

"*sigh*can you do me a favor?"

"What is it baby?"

"2 things don't call me that and can you watch Ariel tomorrow?"

"Hmmmmm what will I get?"



"I trust you Luke.....*sigh*anything"

"Good.I want you to go to the carnival this Thursday?"


"Good then I'll watch her"

"Thank you!"

*next day*

"Hurry Ariel I got to go now!!"I yelled up the stairs

"Coming!!"she came running down the stairs

I grabbed her hand and ran outside to Luke's house.There were kids from our school. Walking by with puzzled expressions.I repeatedly knocked on the door until it opened to see a very tired Luke .

"The fuck do yo-oh hey"

"Hey!thanks again but I really have to go!bye Luke Ariel be good!"

"Ok bye pl!!"

"Bye princess!"Luke called.I darted to my car that I forgot is out of gas.I sighed and started to walk to school.On the way there it started to rain and I noticed I was late,again.I walked into the school all soaked and I totally forgot my back pack!i really had a bad morning.I walked to 2nd period witch was English.Yay!!(sarcasm)I walked in with my head down low and I hurried to a open seat.

"Late again miss Salvador?"

"Ya"I whispered

"Where are your books?"

"Forgot my back pack."

"Hmm tough morning?"

"Tell me about it."

He started to teach again and then class just flew by.Its lunch now.Thank god I was starving!I hurried around until I saw Gemma and the others.I ran to them sitting next to lottie.

"Hey guys!"

"Heddo!"everyone smiled except Liam.

Everyone started to have a mini conversation And Liam didn't talk.

"Liam are you ok?"

"I'm fi-"that's when his already scratchy voice went out.

He pointed to his neck and shook his head.

"Ohhh I'm. Sorry"

"It's ok"he mouthed.I nodded and continued eating.

Lukes POV

I wasn't a wake yet until there was banging on the door.

"Shit."I cussed under my breath.

I slowly trudged down stairs to see who it was.I opened the door and out of instinct said

"The fuck do yo-"I cut myself off when I saw who it was.It lightened up my day(cheesy I know)

"Oh hey"

"Hey!thanks again but I really have to go!bye Luke Ariel be good!"

"Ok bye pl!"

"Bye princess!"I added.I. Grabbed Ariel's hand and walked in and shut the door.I led her to my surprisingly clean house to Lilly's room.Her door stands out and it's cute because she is so much like me it's just adorable!her door is hot pink and there's a sign and it said

'Lilly Hemmings room don't enter or I will literately murder you,have a nice day!:)❤️"she had the idea herself.I knocked and Lilly came out in her Nirvana onesie.

"Hey Ariel!"

"Hey Lilly!"

"I will let you two play,if you need anything just go to my room.Knock before you go in.Dont be to loud"

"Ok"lilly and Ariel said in unison.

I walked out shutting the door after and headed to my room.I fell on my bed and turned the TV on and watched until I fell asleep.I woke up to little hands shaking my foot.My bed is tall.I slowly opened my eyes to see Lilly there reaching up as high as she could go to my foot.I ment down and picked her up and set her on my lap.

"You didn't knock"

"Ya I did!"

"Ok why'd ya wake me up?"

"The door bell kept ringing"

"Oh Shiz!"I bolted up running to the door and looking through the peeping whole to see Calum Ashton and Michael.

I ran upstairs to the girls room.

"I want you guys to not make a sound and come with me."they nodded and both grabbed one of my hands.I walked them to my room and set them down on the bed and gave Lilly my iPhone and Ariel my IPod touch.they played silently.I shut the door and ran to the front door and opened it.

"Sorry guys I was straightening up my house"

"No problem dude,can we come in?"Calum asked.

"Ummm y-ya"I opened the door wider to let them in.They walked in and looked around.They all sat on the couch and turned on the tv.

"Want anything to drink?or something?"

"Some potatoe chips"so that's what I got him.They were onion.

"Hey did you see the new girl?"Ashton asked.

"Ya"I said.

"We were walking home yesterday and walked by her house and she was changing and all she was in. Was black lace undies and a matching bra.She is fucking sexy as shit"Michael laughed.My jaw clenched and I nodded.They had the tv up high so they didn't hear Lilly sneeze,she's allergic to onions.Luckily they had to go.Once they left I ran upstairs to the girls to find them both asleep on my bed.I decided to take a picture.I took the picture and sent it to princess.


Look what your missing out on:|They're being boring!

From Luke

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