More than meets the eye

(Inspired by turn this Around ALOT her last name is from vampire diary a though)
Heddo!i'm Princess.My full name is Princess Love 17.weird huh?i go by PL though.Im from Albony Australia,mum got a job down here in London that makes her gone ALOT.I have a little sister who is 5,her name is Princess Ariel,I call her who names there 2 kids the same thing?i watch Ariel a lot.She goes to her dad's house 3 weeks every month and mum is gone 24/7 so I watch the house and her but what I get out of it is a free house.So today is the first day of school,wish me luck!


7. chapter 7

Princess's POV

After everyone got down stairs and sat down,Luke came with a smirk on his face and sat next to me.The girls sat across from us next to each other.

"How'd you know Alfredo is my favwite?"

I looked at Luke and he nodded slightly and I said

"Lucky guess?"she giggled and kept eating.

After dinner the girls ran upstairs to Ariel's room to play.While Luke was in the movie room.I on the other hand was cleaning up.I filled half the sink with soapy water and the other side with normal water.I was in the middle of cleaning a plate when I saw at the corner of my eye Luke coming up

"Need any help?"

"Ide love some"I smiled.I scooted over so he had room and continued washing the plate.After about five minuets he flung soap on me!!so I looked at him and threw some back.It got pretty intense until he got a cup and filled if with soapy water and pored it on my head.I gasped and was about to run over and attack him when I slid on bubbles and was about to fall when I felt Luke fall to but instead of landing separately I ended up on top of him.I blushed and was about to get up

"S-sorry"I whispered clearly embarrassed

"Don't be"he whispered.I looked at him and he looked at me then my lips and then at me again,he then started leaning in until I felt his soft warm pink plump lips moving in sync with mine

A/N this was just a short fun chappy...thnxs loves I would love to hear from u!!!like comment fave fan all of that

~ Adaya

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