More than meets the eye

(Inspired by turn this Around ALOT her last name is from vampire diary a though)
Heddo!i'm Princess.My full name is Princess Love 17.weird huh?i go by PL though.Im from Albony Australia,mum got a job down here in London that makes her gone ALOT.I have a little sister who is 5,her name is Princess Ariel,I call her who names there 2 kids the same thing?i watch Ariel a lot.She goes to her dad's house 3 weeks every month and mum is gone 24/7 so I watch the house and her but what I get out of it is a free house.So today is the first day of school,wish me luck!


5. chapter 5

Princess's POV

After I got a text book and sat down I looked to my left and the teacher was bent over in front of this kid named Kaeden.He looked like he was...enjoying?it and the teacher giggled.Thats against the law!gross.Then the teacher had a answer key and she 'casually' walked by Taylor and slid it on her lap!Thats choosing favorites!I can already tell I won't be liking this class.Luckily the bell rung 30 minuets after her little rule breaking hour.I looked at the clock right when the bell rung and it said 4:15!!Crap I have to be there at the school by at least 4:30!!I ran outside and pushed through the people and ran to my car...Fuck!its out of gas!!i frantically looked around and spotted Liam about to leave

"LIAM WAIT!!!"I yelled

He stopped and turned his head,I bolted over to him and said

"Umm where are you going like what street?"

"Between abbey and king.Why?"

"Can you PLEASE drive me to abbey elementary and then drive me home?!my car is out of gas!!"

"Sure hop in"he smiled.I ran to the passenger side and hopped in.Once he was there I was shocked to see that way to familiar car there.

"Thanks LI I will only be 5 minuets!"

"Ok"he smiled again.

I got out and walked in.I went to the office and asked what room Ariel is in.She said 304.I walked down the hall to room 304 and I looked in and parents were every where.I walked in looking for Ariel.I went more towards the back corner where I saw Ariel a little girl and the reddish blonde haired kid from earlier.

"Ariel I've been looking everywhere in here for you!!"

"Sorry PL"

"It's ok,who is your little friend?"I asked totally ignoring the boy who looked shocked at me.

"This is Lilly and her bi broder Lwuke"

"hello Lilly!im Princess!But you can call me PL"

"Heddo PL!! Dis is my big broder lwuke"

"Hi Luke."I said flatly

"Hey."said a little bit of flirty in there.Ass hole in front of my daughter?!(A/N I am now calling Ariel her daughter now even though she is her sister)

"So Lilly I made a promise to Ariel that if she makes 1 new friend I would pay for her friend and who ever is watching that friend out to ice cream later,how does that sound?"

"Wealy?!yay!!can we go can we go please please lwuke?!?!?"

"Ummm well I will need miss princess's number"he smirked ironed my eyes and have it to him

"Ok I will pick you and this little beauty up at 7 for. Ice cream."he said

"Ok see ya Lilly!!! Luke.Ariel say bye!"

"Bye Lilly!!bye lwuke!!"

"Bye Ariel!!"I grabbed Ariel's hand and walked out.Liam was outside his car leaning against his door,when he saw me he went wide eyed.i haven't told anyone about Ariel in our little group of friends yet.I walked over to him with a shy Ariel on the back of my leg

"Hey LI this is my 5 year old daughter Ariel,say hi Ariel"

"Hi"she whispered I looked at him and nodded.He shook his mind of other stuff and bent down to her level.

"Hello miss ariel!im Liam!"

She perked up

"I used to have a twurtle named Wiam!!"

"You like turtles?!"

"Yep I have 4 at home!!"that is true


After that I hopped in and put Ariel on my lap.She fell asleep before Liam could get in!!he looked at me shocked.

"Umm ya so she's my sister and my mom is away for work every day and I call her my daughter but please at school if anyone asks she's my daughter ok?"

"Umm ok?"

"Good"he drove me home and I had 2:00s to get ready.So I went in side and gave Ariel a bath and dressed her in her most favorite shirt that I got her to match mine.I have a nirvana shirt and she does to so I dressed her in the shirt,black skinny a and yellow converse,and a yellow beanie.I dressed the same to.Twinsies!!!haha.once I was done I called Gemma for some advice

Phone convo


G-hi hi girl

L-what's up with that Luke kid?

G-oh you should stay away from him he has 1 night stands,and breaks girls hearts!!dont get caught up in it he will only use you!

L-umm ok so does he have any family

G-nope not that I know of

L-hmm ok thank you gotta go

G-ok bye


End of convo

After that there was a. Knock at the door.I grabbed Ariel and my purse and phone and ran down stairs.Now I'm regretting coming because of what he does.

I opened the door and there stood Luke and Lilly in matching stuff.

"Ariel told me dat you gwuys would be mwatching so I made lwuke mwatch to!!"

"Great lets go!"I then hopped off of the porch and turned around and saw Ariel with her hands open.I stepped towards her more and she jumped on me.I laughed and put her on my back.

"Let's walk"Luke insisted


"I don't bite"he smirked and winked at me


"Soo your the new girl?"

"Yes...Your friends are assholes!"

"Wait PL what's a ass hwole?"

"Ahh don't say that word EVER!"I panicked

"Umm ok"I looked at Luke with wide eyes he tried holding back laughter,I flipped him off and the Lilly did it!

"I will stop talking now!! Don't do anything I do ok?!"

"Ok"they said in unison.i sighed in relief

Luke just laughed

"I can still teach them things one being chopping off your-"

"Oh look were here haha"he nervously laughed.i looked in and saw 3 douches making out with girls in there

"Let's not go in here I don't want my daughter getting bad examples from your"I looked down and the girls were talking"dick"I mouthed"friends"

"Ok... How about you take the girls and I will go tell them to leave"he smiled...warmly?was he actually being nice?!

"Thank god your a life savor!!"I took the girls hands and went in after Luke

Luke's POV

I think I like princess!!! But I can't!she will ruin my image and she doesn't feel the same way!!shes he only one who knows about Lilly and I don't want others to know because there are people who will do any thing to get to my weak spots.And right now my weakness is Lilly and maybe Ariel and Princess.I don't know!!

I walked up to calum Michael and Ashton and tapped on there shoulders

"Oh hey Luke wanna join?you can share my girl!"

"Umm no I was actually wondering if like you guys would go somewhere else because there are kids here."

"Why are you going soft?"Ashton joked

"Fuck you no I'm trying to help you not get embarrassed by gestating kicked out!"

"Well were not moving"

"Fine just fuck you! Don't tell me I didn't warn you"they were in the back so they couldn't see Lilly.I went to the girls that's were at the front desk and paying.I went up to the guy at the counter and said

"Umm excuse me sir?there are 3 people back there being inappropriate and I don't want my sister to see."

"Oh! Ok I will go do it!"

"Well like the people that are doing it are stubborn and I think you should be casual and walk by and see"

"Ok thanks for the tip"I turned to look for the girls and I saw them in the back corner talking and stuff.They were having a good time.Lilly got whipped cream on her finger while princess was looking at her phone.Lilly then wiped the cream on princess's nose.She looked up and tried licking it off the tip of her nose failing trying to make the girls laugh.Then Ariel grabbed princess's phone and took a picture.She eventually gave up and used her finger.I laughed and walked over and sat down next to Lilly.I never noticed how much Ariel looks like princess.I looked around and saw calum Michael and Ashton walking out.I smirked and they saw me.I turned quickly and all they saw was the back of my head.

"So luke I will need your number"princess said

"'s ***-***-****"

"Ok!"Lilly then climbed on my lap and whispered in my ear.

"I think she likes you!"

"Really?!i mean really?"

"She smirked the cute little smirk almost idem tickle to mine.

"You like her don't you?"

I blushed

"You do!!!"I started tickling her and she started laughing adorably.I love my sister.Anything she does is the cutest!!I noticed it was getting dark so I said

"You guys ready to go?"

"We are NOT any boys!"Ariel said

"Ok you GIRLS ready to go?"

"Yep!"Ariel chirped I laughed and stood up.

"I'll take Lilly"princess said

"Hmmmmm ok...."I said a little unsure

"Be careful with her!!"

Ok ok you take Ariel"so I picked up arial and put her on my back.

"You know when you were in de back we asked pl if she liked you and she bwushed!!she wikes you ya know"she whispered in my ear

"Guess what?i like her to"I smiled

"Soon you will be My big broder and Lilly will be my sister!!yay!!"

"Haha ya"

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