More than meets the eye

(Inspired by turn this Around ALOT her last name is from vampire diary a though)
Heddo!i'm Princess.My full name is Princess Love 17.weird huh?i go by PL though.Im from Albony Australia,mum got a job down here in London that makes her gone ALOT.I have a little sister who is 5,her name is Princess Ariel,I call her who names there 2 kids the same thing?i watch Ariel a lot.She goes to her dad's house 3 weeks every month and mum is gone 24/7 so I watch the house and her but what I get out of it is a free house.So today is the first day of school,wish me luck!


3. chapter 3

(all the 1d boys relatives and there gfs and anyone else are all the same years old)

Princess's pov(love)

After class I met up with Gemma and asked her the names of her friends

"Wow I have lots!ok so fizzy,lottie,pheobe,daisy,Doris,Ernest,

Louis Tomlinson,soffa,doniyah,waliyah, zayn Malik,Ruth,Nicola,Liam Payne, Greg,niall horan,me and my brother Harry,lux Teasdale,Sophia smith,perrie Edwards,Leigh Anne,Jesy,jade,Eleanor Calder and Ben"

"Wow"that's a lot once we got to the lunch room all eyes were on me I blushed and kept walking.It seems like the hole canteen went silent.After I got my food and Gemma did to,I followed her to this table with many many people at it.I sat down shyly next to Gemma.

"Ok everyone this is princess!"she exclaimed I heard hellos

"Ok princess,these are the Malik's"she pointed to 4 tanned kids they waved and smiled.

"those are the tomlinsons and the 2 sets of Tomlinson twins"she pointed to 7 people.they smiled and waved.

"Those are the real PAYNES in the bum"she laughed and pointed to 3 people they smiled and waved

"Those are the horans"she pointed to a blonde and a brunette,they waved

"Here you have the better styles"she pointed to herself

"Then you have this kid named Harry"she pointed to a boy with a mop of curls he flipped her off and smiled and waved at me

"We have miss lux"she pointed to a girl with pretty hair.she waved and smiled

"Miss Sophia"she pointed to a pretty tanish girl and she smiled and waved

"We have miss perrie Edwards"she pointed to a girl with purple hair,she waved and do the same routine as the others

"Miss Leigh Anne"



"Eleanor and Ben"


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