More than meets the eye

(Inspired by turn this Around ALOT her last name is from vampire diary a though)
Heddo!i'm Princess.My full name is Princess Love 17.weird huh?i go by PL though.Im from Albony Australia,mum got a job down here in London that makes her gone ALOT.I have a little sister who is 5,her name is Princess Ariel,I call her who names there 2 kids the same thing?i watch Ariel a lot.She goes to her dad's house 3 weeks every month and mum is gone 24/7 so I watch the house and her but what I get out of it is a free house.So today is the first day of school,wish me luck!


1. chapter 1

Princess Loves POV

Hi.I have curly naturally brown hair that I dyed purplish pink.I have technically my own house here in London.Im from Albony Australia.Todays Monday,yay(sarcasm all the way)new school not gonna be fun.You see I'm not a people person,if that makes since.I would rather sit in my room on my iPod all day then go out to lunch.So technically I like my space from people.

'Radioactive' started playing signaling to get my fat ass up.When I slowly sat up like a vampire in a coffin,I made my way to the shower.I grabbed a black towel(girls need dark colors) on my way in and set it down on the counter.I turned on the shower and waited for the clear water to turn to the perfect temperature.Once at a comfortable warmth I hopped in and let the warm water wash some of my worries down the drain.I washed my hair with strawberry shampoo and I washed my body with chocolate body wash.Once out of the shower I tightly secured the towel around my top just I case there's any freaks in the new neighbor hood.I went straight to the closet and started looking for the greatest first impression on the students would be.I decided on a pretty no strap dark pinkish orange dress that goes right on top of my knee,with some pinkish orange flats.I then put on light makeup and put my hair in a cute messy bun.When i was done i had to wake up Ariel and take her to school since mum is at work.We are really rich because of my mum.I walked down the hall to my sisters room and walked in to find her.She was looking out the window at the birds.

"Hey babes you ready for breakfast?"since she already is ready

"Yes pwease!"she then came running to me and I grabbed her hand.I walked into the kitchen and set her down on a stool and made her a bowl of cereal.once she was done I had to take her to school.Its her first year in elementary.So I grabbed my backpack and my purse and grabbed her backpack and her hand and walked out.I went to the car and set her in and buckling her,I threw the bags next to her and shut the door.I looked up and a boy with blonde hair some tattoos and a snake bite was putting technically a mini version of him in the car.but the mini him was a girl.Me and Ariel look a lot alike to.We made quick eye contact and then I got in the car.Once we got to her school I saw that same car.I grabbed her backpack and her hand and walked in to see that boy.I gave Ariel her bag and bent down next to her

"Are you nervous?"

"N-no"she stuttered

"I think you are."

"Ok"she said defeated

"Good!if you meet 1 friend today me you that friend and his mommy or daddy can come with us to ice cream!"

"Yay ok by pl"she smiled then waved.I then got in my car and drove to school.

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