Where am i?

Hello ��I'm Ella James. I live in London England. So get this. I'm spending a regular day at home when I go to sleep. I wake up and I'm in someone else's room. I look in the mirror PHEW!! I'm still me but… where am I?


2. where am I?

Niall's POV

Ok so This might sound crazy but when I woke up I wasn't in my room. Well I was but I wasn't. Like my stuff was in there but it wasn't the shape or size of my room. "Niall wake up you'll be late for school!"I heard someone yell. Oxidant want to say nothing so I yelled "OK MOM!" It was really weird but it'd be rude to not say anything. I ran downstairs "go eat some breakfast quick or you'll miss the bus!" She said I got an apple. Normally I would eat like everything in that whole kitchen but there wasn't a lot there. I ran upstairs got dressed and waited outside for the bus. I guess I'm back off to school.

Ella's POV

I woke up and I wasn't in my room I wasn't in my house and I wasn't alone. I woke up to five girls I. My face. "Who are you?" I asked "oh she's having THAT dream again!" One of them said. "Well I'm Harriet styles!" I'm Lia Payne " "Louise Tomlinson " "Zainnie Malik " they all introduced themselves. "And who am I?" I added. "You're Ella." Louise said. "And what time did you go to bed last night?" Lia added. "I don't know." So you guys have names just like the boys from one direction?" I asked/just said normally. "We ARE one direction." They said in sync.

Hey peeps. Yet again another filler I'm sorry it's going to get better wait and see. I'm offering requests. So comment on any of my movellas and say your name age where you want the story to take place what you want to happen and what boy(s) you would like in it. I'm excited to hear from you guys! Ashxx <(0-o)>

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