Where am i?

Hello ��I'm Ella James. I live in London England. So get this. I'm spending a regular day at home when I go to sleep. I wake up and I'm in someone else's room. I look in the mirror PHEW!! I'm still me but… where am I?


7. popular

Ella's POV

" We're gong to my school?…or my old school? That's so cool!" I yelled as we got in the car on the way

~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip car ride~~~~~~~~~~~

We walked into the school as soon as we did there were lots of screaming. I saw Niall, Niall Horan from the real one direction! Oh my gosh. He walk off to class I switched places with him. How and why? We had some presentations to do before putting on a convert for the whole school. After the special presentations we had some time off. I had to talk to Niall. "Um excuse me but could I talk to Niall for a sec?" " yes of course!" His teacher answered. "Niall don't keep her waiting!" He blushed and walked out of class. He wasn't walking fast enough. I grabbed his hand and led him out of the class. The whole class ooohhhhed but I didn't care. His blush got stronger. "Oh stop it!" I said kinda laughing. "Um not to be mean or anything but who are you and when are you going to let go of my hand.?" He asked " I'm the person you switched lives with and I'm sorry but I'm not letting go until we get somewhere where we can talk. Alone!" I led him out back to the soccer field. He sat on the bleachers and talked.

Niall's POV

She led me to the soccer field. "So we switched lives Hun bae?" "Please I don't want to be seen with you just as much as you probably don't want to have my boring life!" She spat at me. "Awe baby you look surprised every other girl throws themselves at you don't they. Listen we need to find out how we switched lives and how I can get my life back." She yelled again. "Ok come to my house after school." I asked "you mean MY house?" She said crossed her arms and left.

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