Where am i?

Hello ��I'm Ella James. I live in London England. So get this. I'm spending a regular day at home when I go to sleep. I wake up and I'm in someone else's room. I look in the mirror PHEW!! I'm still me but… where am I?


3. life switch.

Ella's POV

I got out of bed to talk to these girls more. "So what are we doing today?" I asked casually. "Well we have a meeting with our management about this school that booked us." Said Zainnie." And we have a photo shoot afterwards." Added Harriet. "Then" added Louise. "We have a concert." Lia said. "So what school wanted to book us?" I asked. "Um I thing it was London school for the naturally talented." Harriet said. "And what would we be doing there?" I asked once again. To judge some kind of talent contest. I don't really know" said Zainnie. We got into the car and drove away

Niall's POV

I got on the bus and sat down with some boys waving and yelling for me. "Dude do you KNOW who's coming to OUR school?" One of the boys asked. "No who?" I asked not really caring. But as soon as I heard these words leave his lips I was all ears. "One Direction!" "I'm in one direction." I said "yeah you wish!" A boy walking by said. "Shut up he's joking idiot!" Those boy stood up for me. That must have been the person I switched lives with's friend. Well I liked them. I look at a poster of one direction someone had in their book bag with their names. Harriet, lia, Louise, Zainnie and Ella. "That doesn't doesn't even sound like my name." I thought to myself. "Oh that must be the girl I switched with's name. That must mean that my name is still Niall and if the lads turned into girls, then all of these people are probably girls in real life. What is going on? I guess I'll have to wait until they come to our school to get answers.

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