Where am i?

Hello ��I'm Ella James. I live in London England. So get this. I'm spending a regular day at home when I go to sleep. I wake up and I'm in someone else's room. I look in the mirror PHEW!! I'm still me but… where am I?


5. drunk kids

Niall's POV

I walked in the school with my friends. "This might sound stupid but what's your guys' names?" "Dude your freaking us out but my name is Ashley and his name is Cameron." Ashley said. He had really light blue eyes and really dark brown maybe even black hair with natural brown highlights. Cameron had dirty blonde hair, kinda like mine. He had green eyes like Harry. Speaking of the boys where are they in this story? "Oh my gosh where are Liam,Louis,Zayn and Harry?" Asked Cameron "they're gonna be late!"added Ashley. Just then we heard laughter loud noises and lots of talking. The lads were walking in. "Coming bitches?" Ask Louis" are they drunk? AGAIN!!!" A boy came up to is sighing. "I think they are Marcel." I walked over grabbed Harry, smelled his breath and answered " they're not only drunk they're drunk x10" "why would they do that on a school day?" Asked Cameron. "Because they're popular.

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