Kiss Me Again

A love story about a girl named Jessie who is all alone at a party and meets a girl named Amelia who makes her fall head-over-heels in love. But falling in love isn't always a piece of cake, and Jessie has to admit that she will have to fight for her love for Amelia, and that there are more struggles to come.


1. Chapter 1 - Meeting her

It started out when I showed up to my best friends 18th birthday party all alone. After the usual chitchatter and the congratulations I lost her to all of her other friends who also wanted to congratulate her, so I got a drink, and ended up sitting at the bar sipping my fruity-flavoured umbrella cocktail. I sat there, thinking about if I should just finish my drink and go home, or actually gain some courage to talk to people, which I have never been very good at. I looked at a guy also sitting by himself, and I thought to my self that these kind of parties had never been me anyways. The guy smiled at me, and he looked like he wanted to talk. I was about 2 seconds from going over to him to talk, because as I turned to look at the crowd of partying teenagers, all I could see was a tall girl, with long red curly hair just waving down over her shoulders and her body. She was wearing a pair of Jeans and a blue shirt that perfectly embraced her curves and her outfit was all casual, like she wasn't even here to party. She wasn't skinny, nor thick, but just right in between. Like a modern Marilyn Monroe who was walking right towards me, swinging her hips unintentionally in a way that made me feel weak. I didn't even realize that she suddenly stood right in front of me, and then she spoke to me.

"Hey, why are you sitting here all alone?" She smiled in the most charming way ever, and her voice like golden honey made me nervous, and shy.

"Hi, I.. I'm just.. Eh, I don't know, I'm just.. Hi!"

She laughed my awkward way of speaking off, took my hand , shook it and said "Hi, I'm Sophie."

"I'm Jessie"

"Can I sit with you?"

"Yes, sure, If you'd like." I didn't mean to sound so careless, but I was nervous as hell.

 I have no idea why, I had never been nervous about talking to a stranger before.                   "Okay.." She hopped up on the bar stool, ordered a cosmopolitan. After she got it she took a sip, and as I watched her face up close, I melted when I saw her lips sip from the straw, and I noticed her face that was full and freckled and it amazed me. She wasn't wearing any makeup, but she didn't need to because of her long ginger eyelashes and her bright green eyes looking right at me, and she made me giggle. I felt like a dork, but she took it well and just smiled right back at me.

"So, why are you all alone?" I asked her, and she just smiled again and said: "I'm not, but I saw you and I just thought that it's always nice to meet new friends."

She was right, and then we spoke for a while about everything and nothing, and the time passed quickly, but I didn't notice. After what I think must have been at least an hour, she asked if we should grab another drink and go outside to get some fresh air, and I went with her willingly.

We ended up going for a long walk while just chatting about a lot of things, and I found out about many things about her and her past and about her life and her friends.A little while later, we found a weird corner shop, and after looking through the windows we figured that it was some sort of sweets paradise. So we went in and bought a lot of weird sweets in fancy colours, and we were having the best of fun while deciding whether to buy the blue drink that almost looked like it could poison you if you drank it, or the funny pink marshmallows shaped like bunnies. I thought that maybe the owner of the shop thought that we were a bit loud, because he didn’t look too pleased when we came up to him to pay.
We ran around in the streets, half drunken but very happy and careless in the moment. Talking, shouting and laughing about all sorts of things. I was about to tell her the story about the time when I broke my arm because I wanted to show my friends that I could do 'karate', (yes I am that silly) but just before we were back where the party was, she, Sophie, the girl who makes me so awfully nervous, grabbed me, pushed me to a wall and kissed me. The air around us was cold, but her lips were warm and soft. It was only a quick kiss, but it made me dizzy and warm and from that moment, I knew that I wanted more..

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