Ulva is 16, or was when she died. Ever since she woke up she's been battling demons with her pack. Stuck in a matrix of strange and unnatural places she must find out what she wants to be, good or bad Angel or Demon.


8. Selfish

First option: selfishness. I could look out for myself. Id be fine with out  my pack. They thought me well. 

All that would need to happen is i would have to make a small gap in our defenses. A gap in the rock above our heads that forms the bunker we live in. 


After the demons are inside i would need to grab Love and dive in the salt water. No one would escape. Massacre. Well the demons are attacking my pack i could get out. Find the council, and get some crap job. If any of my pack gets out i could just act scarred. 


From the cave I'm currently in id just need to move some rocks.Get  out. Into the water. Im dead i cant drown, that parts easy. 


It wold take at least a full day to move the rocks. Then I'd need to be able to get to the water. After I'm in the water, I'd need to run. Past present, future, alternate dimensions, It would all be mine.  Everything's easier  when its just you. No one to look out for. 

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