Ulva is 16, or was when she died. Ever since she woke up she's been battling demons with her pack. Stuck in a matrix of strange and unnatural places she must find out what she wants to be, good or bad Angel or Demon.


2. Im pathetic

One of my favorite pass times is going through time. Theres nothing like walking through time, checking what scientists and others have gotten wrong about history. 


The only thing they have off limits is my own time steam, and the people who immediately affect it. For them thats saying something. If i wanted i could find someone off the streets and be there guardian angel, but you need to talk to someone about that and i have no clue who that would be. 


 Ive started to come to terms with not being able to interact with my friends, but when i first got here and found out what you could do in the past, present, and future I wanted to kill the man that was responsible for my, untimely death. 


Now i just watch my friends live there lives. Sometimes looking ahead seeing if they ever get families, but usually just walking silently, invisibly, with them. Occasionally when something traumatic happens ill step in and fix it. Usually though it involves putting a quarter in the parking meter, dumb stuff that doesn't matter but gives me a part in there lives. Im pathetic. 

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