Ulva is 16, or was when she died. Ever since she woke up she's been battling demons with her pack. Stuck in a matrix of strange and unnatural places she must find out what she wants to be, good or bad Angel or Demon.


1. I wasn't worried

I hung there. My fingertips numbing. Too big sneakers pushing me down more than holding me up. This is it. I cant hold on any longer. As i fell, scrambling for anything to hold on to but only hurting my self on the cliff wall. 

Thinking back on it, as i often do, it was really quite beautiful. Seeing the trees disappear over the rocky face. Im still not sure if it was a good thing or not, me falling to my death.  I wasn't worried about dying  i mean i wasn't exactly looking forward to it but i knew it was inevitable. My only regret is not getting to say goodbye to all my friends before, It. I mean its amazing here, no deadlines, no stress to do anything, we have all the time, ever. On the other hand though theres not much to do but make battle plans. But thats all right with me. 


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