Ulva is 16, or was when she died. Ever since she woke up she's been battling demons with her pack. Stuck in a matrix of strange and unnatural places she must find out what she wants to be, good or bad Angel or Demon.


6. Home

"JJ were back!" I yelled walking into the impossibly dry door I've learned to accept as leading to  home. Inside the den a fire was burning, happily crackling and spitting, as the smoke danced around our heads. Drying my wet clothes by the fire i pulled off my boots positioning them to dry as quickly as possible. 

"What happened Ivy?" Rae asked as she walked in her blond hair looking perfect. She never went out to help and although shes nice and  keeps the house clean, she stands no chance against the hordes of demons plotting our death. 

Oh yea i forgot to tell you, Ivy's sort of my higher up actually everyones kind of is I'm the bottom of the  totem pole. 

"I was putting the finishing touches on the bomb when Ulva saw some demons coming, she quickly pulled out her sword and i took out my gun and tried to hold them off. They followed us here." Ivy quickly told them, the rest of the pack having come out into the entrance. 

"Where are they now?" JJ asked Nathan "Well," turning to his special watch/tablet (i still haven't figured out how it works) "looks like there still at the front door."   "Do we have a way out?"   "Um" moving his cameras to circle the rocky underground island that is our home. "Not unless theres an exit i don't know about."    Turning to Ali his second in command "what do we have for weapons?"    "Were down to our last bits of scrap metal for bullets and as for the light bombs Nathan thinks he can find a more efficient way to trap the light."    Already so low? I went out yesterday to look for those things. Good thing we don't need food or there'd be no hope. 
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