Ulva is 16, or was when she died. Ever since she woke up she's been battling demons with her pack. Stuck in a matrix of strange and unnatural places she must find out what she wants to be, good or bad Angel or Demon.


7. Choice

Its been four days. We still have no way out. The pack is starting to fight having been stuck together so long. Nathan keeps checking his cameras trying to find an opining. There never are any. 

"This is useless theres no way out." Ivy exclaimed 

"There is we just need to look harder." JJ responded looking older. Although he's only 20 he acts much older, usually. 
"We've tried everything. Theres nothing left to do. Theres no way out." 
"We better find a way out. I am not spending eternity in this dank, cave." I mean its a pretty nice cave but ew. Forever in a smoky, underground, dark, damp, crowded length of  hollow rock, jammed full of random wooden objects. Not cool. 

The way i see it we have two options. Should i tell them? No. Ill keep it to myself until ive decided what would be best. 
Leaving the den and turning to the right, away from the fire towards a long hallway filled with small sub-caves, we use as bedrooms. Moving past mine and well beyond where any of us usually go i slipped into one of the larger caves, grabbing a lantern a s i went. Curling up into the far corner  i settled to think. 

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