Imperfect Perfection


3. chapter 2

I crept into the small apartment we shared, hoping she wouldn't wake. Peeking into her bedroom, I saw it was empty. She must have been waiting up for me. Sure enough, there was the petite brunette curled up in a blanket snoring softly on the couch, both hands tucked beneath her chin in a way that made my heart melt. Slowly, she opened her chocolate brown eyes, blinking her long, dark, eyelashes. Then her eyes narrowed.

"Noelle!" She glared at me. "Again, really?"

I ducked my head, feeling awful. Then suddenly, she began to sob.

"Dylan! Angel, I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, rushing to take her in my arms. She pushed me away.

"Fuck off Noelle," It was like an arrow to my chest. "If you were really sorry, if you actually cared, you wouldn't keep doing this to me," she spat and stalked away.

My heart broke. If only she knew how wrong she was. If only I could tell her that I was completely and crazy in love. If only.

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