Imperfect Perfection


2. chapter 1

I woke up feeling a warm body beside me. Slowly, I flipped over in bed, careful not to rustle the stiff hotel sheets too loudly. A man lay next to me, well, really a boy of maybe 20 years old. I groaned, not because the boy was unnattractive, no, not that at all, he was beautiful in fact. But because it was getting worse.

I knew I upset Dylan with my increasingly frequent one night stands. You could call me a slut, say I was sleeping around. It's all true. When your heart's aching like mine though, it's hard not to.

The bed creaked slightly as I slipped out from under the covers and I froze. Didn't need to wake the guy up. My head pounded and spun as a tried to walk. God, how much did I drink last night? I scooped up my dress from last night off the floor with a frown, and pulled the dress over my body and glanced in the mirror, frustrated by the girl that appeared as my reflection. Dark circles underneath tired gray-green eyes, my usually golden skin almost white, blonde hair messy. What a wreck. I had to get home to my best friend, Dylan. Dylan.

Just the thought of her gave my stomach butterflies, although I wasn't sure if these were good or not. Dylan, the girl I had been best friends with since 7th grade. The girl who knew all of my secrets, save one. The girl I was completely and painfully in love with. The girl I could never ever have.

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