Bad Boy Good Lips

Jasmin Is just another regular girl until she falls for the guy she never expects to. Harry. He's bad news, but there's something good in him that catches her attention. She might not be the goody goody everyone thinks she is.


2. The New Kid

Jasmin's POV

I headed into the crowded hallway hoping I wasn't late yet again for Mrs.Heathers English class again. I hated being late to her class. The bell rang and I ran all the way there. Great I was late.

"Late again I see Jasmin" She said annoyance in her voice

"I'm s-s-sorry" I stuttered

"Since you like roming in the halls why don't you show our new student around" she said motioning to the guy next to her. He had curly hair and baby green eyes. He was wearing a black hoodie over skinni jeans. I grabbed some of my my hair and put it around my ear. I was nervous because he was pretty cute. I lead him out of class grabbing his sheet to see his classes.

"You have all my classes" I said

"Ohh so you speak" He chuckled

I ignored his response and started showing him around the classes the cafetria, science lab, etc.. "Ugggh this school is complicated" He whined "Have you ever ditched?" He asked

"No" I replied

"Ohh I see" He said

"You see what?" I snapped

"Your the good girl kind" He chuckled

"Am not!" I protested

"Are too" He said smirking showing his dimples.Damn!

"Whatever lets just head back" I replied annoyed

"Of course Mrs. I don't do anything bad" He replied

"Hey I have a name" I said

"Yeah? and what is it?" He asked

"Jasmin" I replied

"Ahhh Jasmin, the name of a goody goody fits pretty good" He chuckled

"Ohh yeah and what's yours Mr. Wannabee bad boy" I replied

"Harry and Hey I'm not a wannabee badboy" He replied

"Whatever" I replied

We headed to our science class and Harry plopped himself next to me. This is going to be a long period

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