I Loved You, But You Left Me.......

Niall Horan Fan fic



1. Summer '09

Hi. I'm Stacie Greystone. I'm 19 and I have brown hair. I have crystal blue eyes, just like Niall's. You guessed it right. Niall Horan is my best friend. Or was. That changed when he promised he'd call everyday and he'd never forget me. He broke that though. I've moved on. Anyways, OH! I forgot to tell my height! I'm around 5'4. I'm really short. I like One Direction's music, I'm just afraid I'll see Niall again. After her broke my heart. ~Flashback~ Niall and I were sitting at our park we found, eating a BUNCH of food. "Hey, Stacie?" He asked me. "Yeah?" I asked. "I'm auditioning for the X Factor, but I might not come back for a while." Tears started forming in my eyes. "I don't want to leave you." I said, my breath shaking. "I promise I'll call everyday." He held out his pinky. I wrapped my pinky around his. "Promise." ~End of Flashback~ I miss him so much. I wish he was here next to me...........………

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