I Loved You, But You Left Me.......

Niall Horan Fan fic



10. Epilogue

4 years later*


It's been 2 years since Niall proposed. I have 2 beautiful children with two on the way! My oldest child is Bailee and she's 3 years old. My second child is Marcus and he's 1 year old and I have twins on the way. One boy and one girl. There names are going to be Makenzie and Mitch. Zayn and Perrie and now married with 2 children. Zack and Fiona. Harry got married to Katelynn and had a child named Darcy. Louis and Eleanor got married and had a child as well. His name is Louis Jr. Liam got back together with Danielle and ended up getting married. Dani's pregnant with triplets! Well, One Direction is still going strong. Though 5sos is taking there fame. They have 5 albums now. Well, that's it!

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