I Loved You, But You Left Me.......

Niall Horan Fan fic



5. 5 months later

*5 months later* NIALL'S POV It's been 5 months and Stacie still hasn't gotten out of coma. We had to leave for the tour though. I wish we hadn't because I didn't want to leave her at her weakest time. As soon as she gets up I'm leaving this dump. Then, I got a call. How ironic. I answered it. (N is for Niall and D is for doctor.)

N- Hello?

D- Hello, this is the doctor, are you Niall?"

N- Yes sir.

D- Well, Stacie is out of a coma, but she may not remember you.

N- Can I at least try?

D- Yes, you can.

N- Alright, bye doc.

D- Goodbye.

I hung up. "STACIE'S UP GUYS WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!" I yelled. Then, 4 boys came running to where I am. They stopped at me. "What are we waiting for?Come on!" I yelled. We ran to the airport. *9 hours later* We arrived at the hospital. I ran in and went up to the counter. "Where's Stacie Greystone?" I asked. "Are you family?" She asked. "I'm her boyfriend!" I yelled. "Room 14, Floor 2." I started running up to her room. Then, a doctor stopped me. "Are you Niall?" He asked. "Yes." I said. "Ok, be quiet, she's sleeping and only one at a time." All of the boys knew I was going first. I walked in and saw she was awake.

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