Imagine This: A Book Of Imagines

��A book of Imagines with the boys of One Direction��


1. Niall

You're sitting on your bed watching t.v. When suddenly someone grabs your shoulders. You locked your door, and don't know how someone could've gotten in. You close your eyes as they pull you backwards.

"Are you scared or something?" A familiar voice asked, but you couldn't put a name to a face. You open your eyes. Niall is leaning over you, your head in his lap. He's smiling.

"What are you doing here? How'd you get in?" You ask. You can't help but grin.

"Oh, I snuck in before you locked the doors." He answers, as if that wasn't a big thing.

"Cool," you say, and try to sit up. He pulls you back down into his lap.

"Hold on! Gees," He chuckles.

"What?" You say in a high, drawn-out whiny voice.

"You don't want to know, never mind then."

"Yes I do! Tell me, pretty pretty please with three cherries on top!" You say like a small child.

"Ok, fine," he says, and smiles. "We've been teasing each other long enough. I want to know if you'll go out with me." He asks.

"Ummm, I guess it would be kind of fun. But only if you let me up!" You bargain.

"If you let me kiss you I'll let you up." He says.

You lean forward and smile. He meets you in the middle. The kiss is long and silent, but in a nice way. After a minute or two you pull back, and he smiles at you.

"Thank you." He whispers, and you get up.

"Oh, wait! One more thing, about the dating thing." You declare.

"Yes, princess?" He says.

"In order for me to keep the relationship, you have to cook me breakfast." You make the deal.

"Of course, princess." Niall smiles again.

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