Imagine This: A Book Of Imagines

��A book of Imagines with the boys of One Direction��


2. Harry

You wake up to a delicious smell coming from you're kitchen. You get up, and follow it to your boyfriend, Harry, frying bacon. You smile, and walk up to him.

"Would you like me to help cook?" You ask politely. He smiles.

"Yes, love. Are you skilled enough to take over the frying pan and master the skill of bacon?" He jokes, and hands the pan to you. You start tossing it, and he starts stirring the gravy.

You turn your full attention to the bacon, and don't notice Harry coming up behind you. He reaches his arms around you and starts to help you fry.

After breakfast was done, you two sit down at the table and start eating.

"Here, love. I'll get you the gravy." He offers, and pours it on your biscuit. He hands it back to you, and You start picking through it. After a while you discover a hard piece in it.

"Did you put anything extra in here, Harry?" You ask.

"No, why?" He asked. You start to pick it out, and notice it's a tiny box. You open it, and inside you find a message wrapped around a ring. You take it out and read it.

Marry Me?

It reads. You scream happily, and he gets up. He walks over to your side of the table, and gives you a hug. Then, with his plaid pajama pants and plain white tee on, and takes the box out of the gravy and bends down on one knee.

"Zoe, will you marry me? We have been dating for three years, and I have found the one girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you." Harry asks.

"Yes yes yes yes yes! A thousand times! I love you so much Harry! I want to have a family with you and grow old with you and meet our grand kids and I want us to die side by side together! I love you Harry!" You exclaim.

"Good. Because really, I don't know what I would've done if you had said no." He comments, and you smile. You wrap each other in a long embrace.

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