Cyberbully: Grace's Story


1. A Days Wait

I woke up feeling happy. It was my birthday and I was turning 15! I am a freshman in Joversville High School. Now, my life isn't all butterflies and rainbows. In fact, it's a living hell.

I ran downstairs to find my parents at it again Fighting. They don't understand anything. I think of grabbing an apple, but I don't k need the calories.

I get on the bus and stare out the window. I try to blink back tears. I have it tough and keep it bottled up inside. I get off the bus at school and the air is chilly, making my nose run. I go to my lower locker. I get books dropped on me.

"oops! Sorry whore! I dropped something on you but you get that a lot." Katy Marlene. The meanest girl. She has bullied me since 4th grade, when I supposedly stole her boyfriend?! I have no idea. I shrug it off and head to class. First hour sucks. I have the football boys in there. They make jokes about me. I ignore them a lot though. I head to lunch after 3rd hour. I stay behind so I don't get made fun of in the crowd. As I walk, my shoes clack a little. I carry my brown lunch sack. I sit down at an abandoned table by myself. Last year, I had two best friends, Liza and Shyann. We were in separate able ! With them, I wasn't afraid of Katy. Then, Shyann moved because her dad got a new job. Liza got involved in the popular group over the summer and forgot about me. I am managing with no one. Suddenly, Katy walks up. "So, I heard you have no friends! Liza come here." Liza walks over suspiciously. "Yeah! What's up?" She asks nervously. "Tell Grace, she's a loser and has no friends." Liza just stares at me unable to move. "Liza! Now!" "Grace, you are a l-l-loser and has n-no friends." She swallows hard. I sit there. Blinking back tears forming. I run out. Away from the school towards home. I run until I am about to pass out. I slam the door to the bathroom and take out my blade. I put pressure on the blade and scream and cry till nothing comes out anymore. This is it. I think. I should end it now, do the world a favor. But how? I open my laptop searching for easy ways to end my pain. I see Katy posted a video of me running out on Facebook. I slam my laptop shut. I crawl in bed fighting back tears again.

Later, I wake up and my clock says 4:36 PM . I hear my moms footsteps coming up the stairs. "What the heck did you do at school?! You ran off?!" She scolds me hard. "Mom, girls were..." "I don't care! If you do that again, you will be grounded for months!" She says with a stern tone." from what mom! I have no friends! My life is crap and you don't even give a shit! I you got off your phone once in a while, you would notice I am not Doing very well! " I say tears forming. "I am getting you Someone to see. You have problems to sort out!" She storms out. I cry myself to sleep again. I pray I won't wake up. This is a nightmare I'm living, and the monsters are eying me alive, and I can't fight back.

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