I Fell In Love With A Bad Boy?

" I think i feel in love with the new bad boy" i said. No i can't fall in love with a bad boy i thought, I'm to good. ( this is a punk fan fiction and well contian graphic sex and swearing )


1. It was just another day at shool.

I walked inside my school with a couple of friends. " hey did you see the new boy he's so sexy " my friend Bella said with her sweet brown hair pulled back into a perfect ponytail. " he's not that sexy " my other friend Katie said with her dark black hair pulled up into a high bun. " your only saying that because you have a boyfriend, do you think he's cute Brinna. ' bella said. " he looks like trouble " i said. we all smiled and walked to are lockers I open my locker and check my blond hair and my light pink lipstick. The bell rings i grab my stuff and hurry to my classroom. when i get there i take my seat. " good morning Mr.hutier " i say. " good morning to you may i ask a favor from you " he asked. " why sure " i say. He walks over to my seat and says " there is a new kid and i have been asked to pick my best student witch is you show the new kid around, can you do that?" " uh um sure " i say. " great " he says while clapping his hands together. A few mintues later the knew kid comes it was the kid me bella and Katie where chatting about. " brinna this is the new kid niall, niall this is brinna she well be showing you around school " he said. Niall gave me a nasty grin. We took are seats. Then  Mr.Hutier said we have to be parterners i was so angry and then class was over, i got up and walked out the door. I waited for niall. " hey sexy stuff " he said walking out of the classroom. " Don't call me sexy  " i said. " ok " he said and put his arm around me. " get your arm off of me if you still want that dick of yours " i said. he just smiled. Soon class was over and i was walking out of the school and someone stopped me, it was niall. " so when should we get together And do this project " he asked. " i dont know just give me your number and i will call you " i said. then he wrote his number  on a peace of paper and gave it to me. ' now can you please just leave me alone " i asked. " if you kiss me " he asked. " I don't kiss dicks " i said and walked away. while i was inside my bedroom i could not stop thinking about him. I mean his tattos and his lip perceing he is really sexy. snap out of it hes just one of those guys who have sex with you and leave you after who knows how many kids he has. after that i went to bed

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