Last Breath Before The Fall

A teenage girl named Ashton is disowned by her friends. Everyone is against her but her mom. She decides to stick up for herself only to land her smack in the middle of the principles office. But something goes terribly wrong. Will the boys be able to save her? Or will she take one last breath and then fall?


10. Ashton's POV

I sat down and so did Mr.Dickens. Bit Liam stayed standing. "Liam, sit." Mr.D said. "No." He whispered and closed his eyes. I thought I saw a tear run down his face, but as soon as I blinked, it as gone. He opened his eyes again, and they were filled with pure rage." I will NOT sit here and be punished for something that isn't in-permitted. No one said I couldn't say what I want. Freedom of speech!" He yelled. "YOU ARENT BIENG PUNISHED NOW LIAM, SIT DOWN!" Mr.D yelled back. He sat down, unexpecting that out-burst. "Ash, what happened." I was fed up. Fed up with all of them. I stood up and screamed, tears running down my face. "You wanna know what happened? My best friends became my bullies, everyone thinks I'm one big joke, and this stupid little piece of crap right here thinks that I'm just a little toy!" I screamed. I walked to the door and put my hand in the handle. I paused, and looked back. "I will NOT be your little toy anymore. And I'm not apologizing for your attitude. And you know what? Maybe if I just die, it'll make things better." I slammed that door shut and ran. I ran out the double doors, into the street, into the woods, and dropped. I just cried and cried and cried. I couldn't take anymore of this pain. This stupid drama-ish thing they kept putting me threw. My I need therapy. Nah, I'm not that crazy. I got up and walked. I walked records my house and threw open the door to a worried mom.

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