Last Breath Before The Fall

A teenage girl named Ashton is disowned by her friends. Everyone is against her but her mom. She decides to stick up for herself only to land her smack in the middle of the principles office. But something goes terribly wrong. Will the boys be able to save her? Or will she take one last breath and then fall?


8. Ashton's POV

"Ashton Webber to the principles office. NOW." I heard the nice desk lady say. Guess she isn't so nice after all. I finished washing all the blood off and looked in the mirror. My eyes were red, swollen, and puffy. I couldn't stop sniffling but I didn't care. I stepped back slowly still looking in the mirror, then I turned and walked out. I walked down the hall not caring about all the people gawking and gasping about my tear stained blood red face. I was done. I didn't care anymore. I got to the office and opened the door. Mr.Dickens stood there waiting with his arms crossed. Mr.Dickens was the only father like person I had. He treated me like a daughter when I wanted it and treated me like a principle when I needed it. "We do not tolerate fighting Ash." He said. "I know, but he deserved it." I said sniffling. "I'll ignore that since your not having the greatest day. I'm not gonna punish you, I just wanna talk to you. And Liam. And Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry." I couldn't help but brake down again, so I did. "I don't want to see them. I hate them." I said bawling. I was on the floor on my knees crying. Super. Mrs.Blossom ran up and wrapped her arms around me. You can guess it, she was like my mom. She was my 2nd mom. "Shhh, Aston Hun? You can't keep avoiding them. You have to talk to them some time!" She said. "How about in 5 million years?!" I said threw my sobs. "Please sweetie? For me?" She said so sweetly. I sighed, looked up, and nodded. Mr.Dickens helped me up and we walked towards his office. He opened the door and there they were. "ASH!!" They all yelled and stood up. "She doesn't wish to speak to you." Mr.Dickens said. They all nodded sadly and sat back down. I walked to the chair that I always sat in which was by his desk. He sat down too and he started talking. "I've noticed you have been giving Ash here a hard time." Mr.Dickens said sternly. "Yeah but it was her fault." Liam mumbled under his breath. Unfortunately, I heard. "Excuse me?! How is any of this my fault?!" I screamed and got up, pushing my chair back as I did.

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