Last Breath Before The Fall

A teenage girl named Ashton is disowned by her friends. Everyone is against her but her mom. She decides to stick up for herself only to land her smack in the middle of the principles office. But something goes terribly wrong. Will the boys be able to save her? Or will she take one last breath and then fall?


6. Ashton's p.o.v

Ashton's p.o.v

I cradled myself as I cried into my knees. This is it. I can't take anymore. I'm not doing this, I can't. "Shh, it's ok baby girl." A thick Irish voice said. I continued crying into my knees. "Just leave me alone." I sobbed out. I felt Niall pick me up into his arms. I lifted up my head and I got scared. I started freaking out as I tried to get out of his grip. Once I realized it was no use, I banged my fist on his chest. It started out fast, but as my cries got louder my fist slowed to a stop. I buried my face in his chest and sobbed. I bawled like a baby but I didn't care. It was time for everyone to see how much they hurt me. How much I've been killed over the years. "I'm so sorry princess. I'm so so so sorry." Now Niall was crying into my shoulder. I heard lots of footsteps coming towards us, but I didn't bother looking up. I felt 6 strong arms wrap around me and Niall, and I knew it was the boys. I cant take them touching me, or near me. I squirmed out if all their grips, and stood up. I was walking away when I heard choked sobs behind me. I turned around and saw 4 red puffy faces looking at me with pain in their eyes. "What, so now this hurts you? After 2 years of calling me names and pushing me into lockers, tripping me and causing me to hurt myself, now it's killing you?" I could hear the sadness in my voice but I didn't care. "Ashton, were are so sorry! We didn't mean to hurt yo-" I cut Harry of. "Oh, but you did. You left me, you called me horrible names, you told my most painful secrets and for what? So that jack ass would like you? That's low, even for you." I didn't care if they saw what happened next. I pulled my blade out of my pocket and just as I was about to press it to my skin, Liam walked out the doors. "Oh great, now you can see the show to." I shoved the blade in my wrist and fastly made a gash on my wrist. "Now you see. See the blood. See my hideous face as I cry out in pain for the ones that I loved."

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