Last Breath Before The Fall

A teenage girl named Ashton is disowned by her friends. Everyone is against her but her mom. She decides to stick up for herself only to land her smack in the middle of the principles office. But something goes terribly wrong. Will the boys be able to save her? Or will she take one last breath and then fall?


2. Ashton's p.o.v

I walked in the front doors and as usual, everyone was talking about me. The bad part about it, was they weren't whispering. They wanted me to hear it. I brushed it off and went to my locker. I but all the books I didn't need in my locker and all the books I did need into my bag. When I shut my locker, the boys arrived.

"Hey ugly worthless Ashton. How are you today?" Zayn said. Every time they said something like that it felt like a slap in the face. I didn't say a word. Instead I turned around and walked to my next class. Unfortunately I was in all my classes with one if the boys, and they followed me. "We see you died your hair. Still looks ugly." Liam said. "Leave me alone." I said quietly. "What was that?" Harry said. Again, I stayed quiet. "That's what we thought." Louis said. "I know what would make you look better! Oh wait. Nothing could do that!" Harry said. Everyone heard and started laughing. At me. Everyone except Niall. He was the only person who didn't say anything and didn't laugh at me. I knew he was only waiting for the right time to make fun of me. I sighed and walked into my first class. I put my head on the desk and didn't pay attention, as always. I did this in second period to. Now it was lunch time. I went straight to an empty table and and put my head down.

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