I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


10. The Red Room

After Snape's escape, and obvious attempt in trying to help Harry, there had been a lot of havoc in the manor due to Voldemort's temper. The moment Snape Aparated out unscathed, the Dark Lord lost it. He let out a roar of frustration and sent the long center table flying and crashing into the far wall. He broke ever chair and sent the remains flying everywhere. His dark knight had betrayed him. Voldemort was not just mad, he was livid.

Death Eaters took cover in the corner of the room and waited out Voldemort's storm of terror. Once he was done, he yelled out his request:

"HARRY POTTER! WHERE IS THE INSOLENT BRAT?" He bellowed. Harry froze in terror as the Death Eaters around him pushed him to the front of the crowd. He had no where to go, no escape route. He tried to look boldly into Voldemort's eyes but failed to do so bravely.

"Oh, your not looking so brave anymore without a traitor on your side!" Voldemort said, his anger fading into maniac laughter. "You-you probably thought your would get away!" He said, cackling. He looked around at his followers and they began to laugh along.

Harry gulped, and gripped his hands into fists. He had the slight urge to shout 'you wouldn't be so brave without your pathetic army on your side' but shuddered at the thought of damage the man could really do on his own.

"No no no, you're not going to get off the hook this quickly. Bellatrix, Rodulfus- seize him.

This time, instead of going down a long winding staircase like they did with the White Room, they where heading up. Harry's hands where cuffed, much to his dislike. Voldemort lead the way , with Bellatrix and Rodulfus taking up the rear. They marched up in silence, with the occasional giggles from Bellatrix, or the 'you will learn, you will pay' murmurs from Voldemort.

They finally reached the top and where met by a black door in the middle of the stone wall.

"You see, this is what you get, you little shit!" Rodulfus spat, as Harry was shoved through the door.

"Let's hope you learn a little something during your time here." Voldemort hissed menacingly. Harry knew there was no hope in arguing. Right before the door was shut, harry hastily asked ."Can you at least tell me the name of this place?"

"The Red Room."

The door was slammed shut and the last thing Harry heard was the disturbing sound of Bellatrix's cackling laughter.


Harry slowly turned around and examined the room around him. It was an odd, red lighting room, that appeared to have smoke in it. After a couple seconds of stareing, the smoke swirled around.

Something was forming itself in the smoke. Harry tilted his head to the side, trying to figure it what it was.

"What the hell?" He exclaimed as a tall shadowed figure formed itself into the smoke. Oh no, it couldn't be.

Not ten yards away was Harry's worst fear in the world.

A Dementor.

Make that five dementors. Actually, a whole army of dementors where making themselves visible. Harry stood there, horror struck, as the dementors flew quickly towards him. He backed up against the locked door, turned around and started banging his fists on it.

"SOMEONE HELP!! GET ME OUT IF HERE! DEMENTORS DEMENTORS!" Harry screamed widly. He felt the too familiar feel of corpse like hands around his neck, wrenching his head around.



Little did Harry know, Voldemort was most certainly enjoying the show of his toy being tormented by his own demons. He had been looking forward to this event ever since he laid eyes on the boy.

After the dementors had their fun, they all morphed together and created a large, beefy, angry looking man. He was holding a club, and yelling over something about burnt breakfast. He came at Harry and starting pummeling him with the club. Harry's face was tear stained and bloody after a dozen hits.

Voldemort didn't know exactly who the man was, but he assumed it was one of the Muggles that Harry ha no choice but to live with. He never looked into Harry's home life; a Dark Lord like himself didn't exactly care. But he was quite repulsed at what he was seeing, but of course at the same time was satisfied at the justice being served.



Just as Harry thought he couldn't take anymore of his uncle-well, version of his uncle- Vernon changed form. Now what Harry saw, was something he beloved he would never see again.

It was all the people he loved, the people who made his life worth living. Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Sirius, Lupin, and Dumbledore. They all formed a ghostly semi circle around him, hands folded and pleasantly smiling.

Harry stood their, and felt the happiest he had ever felt. He went to embrace his true family, but he stopped in his tracks as they all spoke robotically.

"This is because of you, Harry James Potter." They chanted. Then they all started to decay, as if they were rotting corpses that have been left for a fastforwarded 100 years. Ron's eyes fell out of their sockets. Hermiones tounge and teeth slipped off her face. Neville and Luna's ears dripped off the side of their heads. Lupin and Sirius's limbs detached themselves. They all crumbled to the ground, one big pile of rotten flesh. All exept Dumbledore. He remained standing, and slowly walked over to wereharry kneeled, shaking and hyperventilating.

The expression on Harry's professor was ghostly white. Blood stArted poring from his eyes. He was starting to look more corpse-like as he pointed a bony finger at Harry.

"Why did you fail us, Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore said in a raspy,blood chilling voice. Harry looked up into the rotting eyes of his mentor, just to watch him completely decay like the others. He backed away from the mess of rotted human flesh , forcing himself to stop shaking and crying. He knew this wasn't real, but what he had just witnessed was the most disturbing thing of his life. Under his distress, the halfblood knew this was just another on elf Voldemort's torture mechanisms. Harry half heartedly smirked inwardly.

Nice try, Tom.

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