I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


2. The Order

"We need to devise a plan to get Potter out of Riddle Manor." Said Snape impatiantly.

"Well no shit, Severus!" Sirius spat. He already

wasn't very find of Snap and didn't like him bossing everyone around.

"Now now, Sirius. Snape's the best chance we have of getting in and out of there and you know it." Said Lupin, trying to calm his friend down. He to did not especially like Snape, but he was willing to get along with anyone for Harry." He's the only one here who has a real insight with Voldemort."

"Don't say his name!" Snapped mr. Weasley, coming out of deep thought.

"Aurther, we cannot be dwelling in fear of names, it will only increase the fear of the thing itself," said Dumbledore, he too snapping out of a rhythm of pacing and thinking."We must focus on Harry, and by doing so we need to push all fear aside." He was speaking to everyone now, indeed referencing to other fears beside the one of Voldemort's name. He then continued pacing around the back of his office muttering to himself.

Snape was indeed frustrated with the group of Griffendores. If only there where a few Slytherins in Dumbledore's Order of the Flaming Chickens, then we might actually be able to create a plan, he thought to himself. He knew how to get in and out of Riddle Manor, but he couldn't just waltz away with one of the Dark Lords prisoners. He needed someone to hand him off to.

Tonks cleared her throat. "Why don't we just apparated there, grab the boy, and Disaparate out? Isn't that the simplest solution?"

" They've got bloody No Apoarating restriction spells! Don't be foolish Nevadora!" Said Mad Eye irritably.

Snape was surprised Moody hasn't come up with a plan yet, even though he knew it was just going to be an outrageous suicide mission. He decided he might be able to think better in his own office. This whole meeting of the Bird Club was completely counter productive in Snape's opinion.

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