I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


9. Memories Make You

Thanks of the nice reviews! There was only a few, but better than nothing! Anyways, on to the story:)

The next day after a relaxing evening at Hagrid's, Dumbledore and Snape where standing next to Dumbledore's Pensive.

"So what memory do you think we will find useful?" Said Snape, eyeing the headmaster's large collection of memory's in the cabinet.

"This one here, I believe." Dumbledore replied with a flask in his hand. " I acquired it from a young Muggle named Ashton, who I had the job of Obliviating when I was working as an Auror. We where told to take one memory, didn't had to be specific, just whatever the wand provided. I never got the chance to watch it, but it must have something to do with Voldemort. I told him casually in conversation about it while I was his Transfiguration professor, an he jumped on the name Ashton. Ever since that day, he had been trying to get this specific memory from my collection."

"I see... Do you think it will give us help with the Potter boy issue?" Snape asked when Dumbledore had finished.

"Maybe..." Dumbledore trailed as he dumped the memory into the Pensive, "maybe not. But it will most definitely show us an unknown weakness in the said Dark Lord. There was a reason he was trying to get this memory back all those times. This might just prove the reason why."

And with that, the two leaned in and fell into the swirling memory.


There was a small, pale, dark haired boy with striking facial features. Snape and Dumbledore automatically recognized him as the young Tom Riddle.

"When do you reckon this particular encounter took place?" Snape asked Dumbledore keeping his voice down, as if forgetting no one could hear him besides the headmaster.

"I believe this is around the same time I came to him, when he was eleven. He had that exact same book with him." Dumbledore said gesturing to the book Tom was sitting with on the floor beside his bed.

Then after about thirty seconds of Dumbledore and Snape waiting, there was a loud bang from the outside of the door. The boy jumped up, and his book went flying from his grasp. He ran to the corner of the room, eyes dashing around for an escape route.

"We're going to get you, fagot!" Came a leering voice outside the door. The boy now became frantic and was kicking the wall. He closed his eyes to try and calm down as the banging increased on the door.

The door was burst open, and a gang of tall teenage men where surveying the room. Tom took one last slow calming breath - then turned on his heal to face his predators. There was an obvious change in him: he had completely masked his previous hysterics, keeping his face calm, cool, and collected. He was prepared to brace whatever they had to throw at him.

"What you lookin' at, pretty?" The leader of the gang said. He was tall, tanned skin, hair dyed black,wore eyeliner any Kardashian would be jealous of, a spiked leather jacket, and black ripped jeans sagged just slightly to reveal skull boxers. Tom didn't let his emotions show on his face, but he couldn't cover the nervous gulp he took after the word 'pretty.'

The ring leaders eyes flashed a look of lust that Tom did not recognize.

"Well boys," he started, addressing his gang,"you know what to do." He stepped back and watched as the group closed in on the small boy.

"Wait- I didn't do- I never took- what did I ever do?!" Tom exclaimed, fear growing in his voice as he tried desperately to fight away from the gang enclosing on him.

"Oh where not here to punish, but to have a little-" the group leader scanned the room for words, until his eyes flashed back on Tom, "fun." Both Dumbledore and Snape glanced nervously towards each other.

Tom froze in shock at his words, but the brief silence was broken as the gang continued to pin the boy down.

"No! You can't do this!" Tom protested relentlessly. They had his arms and legs tied to the corners of the bed. Tom fought them the whole time, never stopping the struggle until he was entirely tied down. He took a few deep breaths in exhaustion, before the ring leader of the rough gang walked towards the boy in triumph.

"I don't think I've introduced myself," the gothic ring leader began, reaching out to stroke Toms defined jaw, "I'm Ashton. I would shake your hand properly but-" Ashton gestures to the boys current state of being bounded. "well that's not really an option, now is it dearie." He finished as his cronies laughed maliciously behind him.

Tom flinched at the odd touch of the teen before he could stop himself. He didn't want to show weakness or fear, as he replied firmly back- "And I would fight you properly, but obviously your authority is to fragile to be tested." Tom retaliated, the bondage being acknowledged once more.

Ashton back handed the boy across the face, taking him off gaurd. Tom hadn't expected that, and let out a little yelp. Ashton merely laughed cruelly and hit him again on the other side of the boy's face. Tom winced, and struggled once more against the ties holding him down. It was one thing to be slapped, and another to be entirely defenseless against it. The eleven year old was completely at the teens mercy, as he glared back up at him.

"Now," Ashton began, eyes wide with pleasure. "Since we've had our small talk, let's get to the real fun, shall we?" He glanced to his henchman and they untied the kid, but kept a firm hold on him. Tom took his chance and kicked rapidly as the ties where realeased, but only to be held down by stronger pairs of arms. He then was flipped on his his stomach, and the ties where repositioned once more.

"W-what are you doing?" Tom stuttered, unaware of the true meaning behind his position.

"Nothing you can stop, pretty." Ashton sneered as he stroked the back the boys neck, softly running through his hair.

"Cut it out!" Tom said, but was ignored. The gang then proceeded to tear the boys clothes off. Piece by piece, the poor kids innocence was slowly ripped away from him. He was brutally raped by Ashton, who then took pride in forcing his cock down Tom's throat.

Snape showed nothing on his face, but he was truly shocked. Dumbledore's piercing eyes where sparkling with unshed tears.

After an awful episode of torture, the gang began to clean themselves up and headed for the door. They left Tom with his hands tied behind his back. Silent tears of humiliation, shock, and pain streamed down his face as the gang left him and Ashton alone. The tall dark figure strode over to him and wiped his tears away. Tom made no reaction, just stayed still as the teen caressed his face. He felt sick, used, violated, but most of all- defeated.

"Don't be sad, dearie." Ashton cooed mockingly, "we've all had tough times. Most of us are strong enough to get through it, but I guess there are exceptions-"

And with that, Tom cracked. His magic suddenly broke out of him, making him shine so brightly that Ashton flew backwards.

"What the hell!?" He yelled as he hit the ground. The gang cam back in the room just in time to see the last of Tom's near blinding light. One glimpse of shock and they where staying a good distance away in the doorway. Then a few seconds passed and the light from Tom had disappeared, leaving the 11 year old breathing fast and long.

Ashton got back up again and marched angrily towards Tom. He grabbed his jaw and slammed him against the wall, staring manically at him.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" He roared in his face. Tom's lavender eyes where wide with sudden fear.

"I didn't do anything! I don't know how that just happened, you've got to believe me!" Tom tried, his eyes glancing from both Ashton's dark brown ones.

"Don't give me your bullshit, you little bitch! I know you knew what you where doing. If this is some kind of prank, I'll have your ass for it- literally. He added, with a violent shake. Tom narrowed his eyes at the potential threat.

"I don't know how that was even possible! Believe me, if I knew how to do what I just did you wouldn't have gotten away with the past hour of your life!"Tom said, trying to keep his voice calm over his temper and fear raising. Ashton looked the boy up and down, and settled with throwing Tom to the ground.

"If I find out you are lying, you'll wish I killed you tonight." Ashton spat before leaving with his still in shock gang. Tom lay still until he heard the door shut. Just as click of the door shutting was audible, the memory began to be wisped away by strands darkness. Snape and Dumbledore flew out of the Pensive, where they stared at the floor in silence. Neither of them could believe what they just saw.

"Well- well I guess we've found the Dark Lords weakness." Dumbledore said sadly. Snape looked back up at him. With a look of darkness about him.

"Or his threat."

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