I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


8. Meeting From Hell

After Voldemort finished drying Harry and himself, he ushered him out the main doors of his head quarters. They walked a ways down the hall and took a left that led into what looked like a death eater meeting. There all Voldemort's followers sat awaiting their orders. Harry was mortified to be naked in front of them all. A few faces jumped out automatically that Harry recognized. First, he saw his potions teacher. For a second-no, fraction of a second Snapes face showed the slightest bit of pity? Impossible. Harry thought. Almost as quickly as Harry saw the expression, it vanished. Snape was left with his usual emotion-less face.

The second face he recognized right away was Malfoy's dad. He looked positively worn down, and barely took notice in Harry.Malfoy looked like he was deep in thought, he did not escape his deep thought until he saw Voldemort. It wasn't the sight of Harry's naked body that jumped him out of his trance, but clearly his fear of the Dark Lord.

Harry then tried in vain to cover him self, only to be sent a sharp stinging hex from Voldemort.

"Now, dear Pet," Voldemort whispered in Harry's ear. "Don't be shy." Harry really wanted to punch him. He wouldn't even let him cover himself up! How sick is that!?

Harry could see a dark, heavy lidded witch he recognized from the papers as Bella-something- madly giggling in the corner. He didn't know what was going to happen at this meeting, but something was telling him it wasn't going to be good. He was then forced to take a seat at Voldemort's side. All the death eaters eyes where on him as ropes appeared from the chair, binding his arms down as well as his legs.

"Now," Voldemort began, acknowledging his followers, "I believe there have been rumors of a certain Prophecy that had my name on it, do I stand corrected?"

"Eh hem, sir?" A middle aged wizard spoke up.

"Yes, Avery, I would cherish what you would like to say." Voldemort said folding his hands.

"Well, uh- there is a specific Prophecy with your name and er-" he nodded disconcertedly towards Harry, "this lad here. But there is no way around the ancient rule that only you or him will be able to retrieve-"

"Let me rephrase this,Does anyone have anything new they would like to share?" Voldemort interrupted sharply. "I simply do not have time for repeats! Avery, I will deal with you later." Voldemort snarled.

After that no body exactly spoke up, until Voldemort got up and strode over to a very fearful looking Malfoy Senior.

"Ah, one of my most devoted followers, who works at the ministry himself, still managed to fail retrieving that prophecy."

"M-my lord. There is no way, I'm afraid, to get around their law. You or the boy must be the ones to retrieve it, there is no other way."

"Well, Malfoy," Voldemort said, temper rising. "If you haven't noticed, I cannot exactly waltz into the Ministry of Magic, can I? And the boy has proved himself most useful, he won't be leaving here any time soon." Voldemort added, leaving Malfoy silent.

"I have, if you are interested, a map of the Ministry and it's confusing door changing does have a counter spell." Another rough looking death eater spoke up.

"Ah, Rookwood, thank you for your usefulness. Please, feel free to show your peers what you have discovered." Voldemort said with a bit of a bored tone. He was now sitting by Harry again.

Harry was being as silent as he could, hoping the others would temporarily forget he was there. He knew what Death Eaters where capable of, and wasn't stupid enough to test it.

"Now, don't be frightened boy... Where all friends here, am I right?" Voldemort leaned in an whispered down Harry's neck while everyone was paying attention to Rookwood. Harry tried to pay no attention. Lately, he took to treating Voldemort like a storm. He might just pass over if you wait it out. Just wait it out. Harry latched onto those last words.

"Don't ignore me Pet." Voldemort said sharply. He then began to stroke Harry's inner thigh. Harry was mortified. No. This can't be happening! Come on, what is he playing at? Doesn't he want to look professional in front of these people? Harry thought franticly. Then he realized he was being stupid for thinking it. He needed to say it out loud, damnit! But something was holding him back. He didn't know what it was but he was petrified to talk.

Voldemort kept inching his strokes closer to a place they shouldn't be. Harry heard of a game like this back at Hogwarts called the Nervous Game. The person would keep touching the other, getting closer and closer to a certain dirty place. The person would ask every time they got closer if the other was nervous. The one being touched objective was to see how far they could last. It was all fun and games until Voldemort is your opponent.

"Are you nervous?" Voldemort asked in parseltoung. The hissing from the end of the table seemed to get everyone's attention. All the Death Eaters looked up from studying the large map of the Ministry of Magic. Harry tried not to show the fear In his voice. He too began to use Parseltounge.

"S-stop it! Don't do this! Not here at least. Have you no... No decency?!" Harry was glad he used Parseltounge. At least this way the others could not understand him.

"Oh I have all the decency I need." The older wizard hissed back. This time, he fully latched his hand around Harry's cock. It sent shocks through the younger boys body, and blood was definitely flowing south. Voldemort then gave it a hard squeeze, a little too hard. Harry yelped out loud. Now you've done it. Harry scolded himself as the death eaters nearest to them looked over to see all the commotion. The one closest glanced down and saw what Voldemort was doing. His faced showed complete disgust. Voldemort shot the Death Eater an ugly look that told him to keep quite.

The other Death Eaters apparently knew what was going on anyway. Snape actually had his head in his hands looking very remorseful. Bellatrix was laughing but had a hint of jealousy written on her face. Voldemort then took his had away and gazed pleasantly back at his followers.

"As you see, the boy has proved himself useful. Need I demonstrate further?"

Demonstrate further?!

"Oh but my lord, I believe I'm still a bit confused.. I suggest you really should demonstrate a little further." Bellatrix spoke up with mock confusion. Harry really despised her. He truly Hated that women for the pain she was about to force him to endure.

"Your quite right Bellatrix, I don't believe I fully explained." Voldemort said snidely.

"No no NO! I believe you've explained fully quite well enough!" Harry spat, struggling harder than ever against the ropes binding him to the chair,right as Voldemort reached for him.

"Oooo!" Bellatrix cooned, clearly enjoying the show.

Voldemort on the other hand, was not pleased at all. He jumped up right away and went for his wand "CRUCIO" He schreeched, sending the hex straight to Harry. Harry then fell limp in his chair and began the familiar horrifying twitching as he screamed out in agony. As he wrenched around on the floor, Snape got up and whispered something to his masters ear. Whatever he said it made Voldemort release the dreaded curse. Bellatrix defiantly looked disappointed now.

Voldemort however, lifted the curse and got Harry out of the chair.The Cruciartis always left him defenseless and out of energy. Voldemort still managed to drag Harry to his feet. He forced him over the table bending over. Here it comes.. In front of everyone. Your virgin-well no, not your virginity- but your pride, is about to be taken in front of all these people. Harry thought hopelessly.

Most of the death eaters where now gathering closer around them, like Harry was some amusement show. He was repulsed as he felt Voldemort take off his robes-well at least remove what was nessasary- and positioned hisself behind Harry. Tears prickled in the boys eyes as he felt the head of his enemy's erection being placed at the entrance of his tight but not virgin opening.

"You know deep down you deserve this, little slut." Voldemort hissed in Harry's ear, giving him goosebumps. Just as Voldemort was bracing himself to slam into his victim, someone came slamming into the Dark Lords side. Voldemort fell over and Harry was too relived.

"Who the hell- Snape? You will PAY!" He bellowed as he lunged at Snape. Snape attempted to reach for Harry, he knew if he was in contact with him they could both Apparate back to the "gates of Hogwarts. Just as he reached for him, Bellatrix the idiot jumped infront of Harry and pointed her wand at Snape.

The potions professor did not have time for this. "Im the one who brought you into this hell Harry, and I damn well be the one getting you out!" He said hastily towards the shocked boy. He would have to leave him here a few more days. Right as Bellatrix began the incantation of a spell, Snape Apparated out with a loud crack! He then arrived at the gates of hogwarts, an quickly rushed to the Headmasters office. After hastily saying the password 'Lemon Drops' to the gargoyle, he made way to Dumbledore. The elderly wizard was peacefully sitting on his chair with an old book in his hands.

"Any news, Severus?" He asked calmly.

"The boy- safe- just Dissaparated- couldn't get him though- still back with Dark Lord-" Snape panted. He was still in a bit of a shock himself.

"Breathe, Severus, breathe. Now tell me, was I right or not to call off the invasion of Riddle Manor today?"

"Yes- quite right. All the Death Eaters where assembled. We wouldn't stand a chance."

"I thought so. Now, how about a bit of tea at Hagrid's before we depart tonight?" Dumbledore asked peering over his half-moon spectacles.

"Do you think he has anything stronger?" Snape asked, his face showing a look of pure exhaustion.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled.

AN: (yes I have not done authors notes in forever. Actually I don't think I ever had, but I felt the need to now. Tee fuckin hee.

So this chapter I am probably proud of the most. If you disagree, please leave constructive criticism. I really need to know how to improve the story, to make it more enjoyable for you. So please REVEIW! Tell me what you like and dislike. I am also perfectly aware this was a shitty cliffhanger but wtfc. Also, after Snape apparated away, Voldemort basically had a tantrum and told everyone to gtfo. Nuf said. I'll figure the rest out later lol.

The next chapter is also going to have a lot to do with Tom Riddle and the shit that went down at Hogwarts. A lot of slash, so homophobes Awaaaay!

Another thing: I am not making this a story about how Voldemort rapes Harry and then they fall in love. There really isn't any love in this. It's about lust, power, and control. Thanks for reading, but remember you are worthless of you don't FREAKIN REVEIW!!!!

Ta ta for now!

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