I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


7. Chapter Seven

Harry woke shaking slightly. He thought he just had a bad dream that consisted of being held captive by his arch enemy. He tried to get up, but was held still by a cold body wrapped around him from behind. What the- oh. So it wasn't a dream, Harry thought disappointedly. He immediately stopped trying to move. It was all coming back to him- the rape, the white room, the mind fucking, the countless molestations, the other rape, awkward sleeping positions. He let out a sigh of defeat. He knew it had only been a few nights but come on, couldn't the Order figure something out by now?

Harry could not fall back asleep himself, but felt the rhythmical deep breaths of sleeping down his neck. He shivered. Harry was disgusted in himself in so many ways. He felt like he should have given more of fight. He felt in debt to all those who had died for him, and he felt the need to avenge them. For his mom, his dad. For Cedric, of course. Oh he'll get a fight, if that's why he's asking for, Harry thought rebelliously. He was mentally scheming escape plans. At the moment he couldn't decide between stealing Voldemort's wand somehow, figuring out how to Apparate, or to just make a run for it again. He decided to nix the last option from his mental checklist. His previous free-for-alls never ended to well.

Harry then heard the breathing change pace. It sounded as though his captor had woken.

"Pet, don't tell me you're really considering trying to escape again. We all know it will be a colassal waste of your time." The eerie voice of Voldemort had started up again. Harry was amazed by the alertness in his voice for this hour. Harry tried to get up, but Voldemort was a step ahead and already had his grip tightened around the smaller boy. "Don't even think about it."

"Sir, I'd like to exit the bed. That's usually what people do when they wake up in the morning." Harry spoke quietly, not trying to hide the "disrespect" in his voice.

"What did you call me? I believe 'sir' is not what I requested to be referred to." Voldemort shook Harry sharply. Harry said nothing. He would simply wait for Voldemort to make the first action. He wasn't up for dealing with the Crusiartis, and didn't have the energy to get past his pride to call Voldemort 'Master.'

After a few strange seconds of silence, Voldemort had a major mood switch. Harry could feel it in his scar. "GET UP!" The older wizard screemed more loudly then Harry had heard him sense the graveyard. He jumped out of the bed, well, tried to. Voldemort had not loosened his grip on Harry yet.

"What the hell?!"

"I SAID GET UP! DO YOU DARE DEFY YOUR MASTER!!!?" Voldemort bellowed behind him into Harry's ear. Harry was frightened and confused. Voldemort's embrace was tighter then ever, yet he was telling Harry to move.

"Get off me then!" That seemed to make Voldemort snap. The familiar binding roots came bursting out of the ceiling and wrapped themselves around Harry. He was let go from Voldemort's grasp but was now dangling upside down from the ceiling.

"Never tell me what to do, Potter!" Voldemort yelled, with a truly frightening expression on his face. In the back of his mind, Harry assumed he was going a bit insane. The binds where released, and Harry came crashing to the ground. He was terrified, but fairly pissed at the same time.

"Why did you-"

"CRUCIO!" Voldemort casted the unbearably painful spell on Harry. The boy was taking quite off gaurd, and his screams where sure to have been heard all throughout the place. He fell to the floor twitching around horrendiously. Kill me now.. He thought pleadingly. I beg of you...

After about two minutes that felt like hours of the torture, it was at last released. Harry layed their still twitching and breathing heavy for air. From what he could see, Voldemort looked a bit satisfied. Harry didn't believe that his absence of the word 'Master' could possibly anger someone this much,so he assumed Voldemort was just taking out his madness on him. "Now, Pet." Voldemort started, freakishly calm after just having the biggest tantrum known to man. "Your in need for a bath. Get up and escort yourself there. Don't make me tell you twice." Voldemort walked over towards the cement wall where a single brick was in the middle. He waved his hand over the brick, and a plain black door appeared. He opened it,"I expect the water to be running by the time I return," he said gesturing through the door. Voldemort strode away through the main double door that led out into the rest of the manor.

Harry cautiously made his way into the bathroom, as if it where some kind of trap. The thought just came over him that in the past few days he had not had the urge to use the loo. Or even eat. Perhaps Voldemort was using some elimination spell for his shit and a weird nutrient spell for his hunger while he slept. While Harry was thinking about it, he did his business right then and there to avoid awkward conflict when Voldemort returned.

The bathroom was pretty simple, although the tub was impressively large. Harry double checked the cabinets for any object that could be used as a weapon. Unfortunately, he didn't see how he would be able to kill his enemy with a wash pouf.

Then, the door leading to bathroom slammed open. Voldemort looked from Harry to the tub that had not been filled with water yet. A malicious smile came on his face.

"Pet, I clearly remember telling you to fill the tub. I see that order has not been carried out. What do you have to say to justify for your master?"

Harry's breathing and heart rate sped up. He glanced nervously around the room, with and arm across his body scratching the other. He didn't realize how adorably vulnerable this made him look in his masters eyes.

"Have I left you speechless?" Voldemort said amused, as he swept across the room cornering Harry. He remained silent. "Apparently I have." His scarlet eyes flashed dangerously down towards Harry's length. He started stroking Harry's chest, causing the younger boy to flinch and attempt to back away, only to be stopped by the blasted existence of a bath tub.

Harry unfortunately couldn't help noticing the visible bulge in his masters robes.

No. He thought.

Harry jumped backwards into the empty tub and backed as far into it as he could. Voldemort followed him, and grasped a particularly painful pressure point until Harry fell to the floor. "Now, some actions should take place to justify your disobedience." Voldemort said, and to Harry's horror slid his robes off of him. He grasped Harry's hair as the boy tried to scramble out of the way. Voldemort put his now fully erected dick in his face. "Use your teeth and they'll be ripped out." He growled.

He had Harry's neck and hair in a firm grip a he forced his cock into his mouth. Harry almost gagged as he unwillingly was deep throating him. Harry could hear Voldemort's groans as he thrust into his mouth relentlessly.

"Ah, how do you like having your own personal Popsicle, Pet?" Voldemort asked between groans and thrusts. He was close to climaxing, very close. After hearing a few grunts of discomfort from his victim, he was coming into Harry's mouth.


Harry reluctantly swallowed the awful crap that he so desperately wanted to spit out all over Voldemort.

"Now, I believe I mentioned something of a bath." Voldemort turned the water nob and water completely filled the tub at once. He shoved Harry into it and faced him towards the mirror. Harry made it a point to not look in the mirror, to not see Voldemort strattling him from behind. It hit a new level of humility as his enemy began washing his back, causing Harry to arch forward.

"Tell me, why are you still so sensitive about being touched, Pet?"

"Since you have taking a liking towards touching me." Harry replied through gritted teeth.

"Well is that so.." Voldemort trailed off as he started putting soap on Harry's chest with his bear hands. Harry squirmed slightly and shifted uncomfortably. He was then instructed to lay down in the bath.

"Do what?"

"You heard me. Lay down with your head above for air. I need to rinse that chest of yours." Voldemort replied, with a smile creeping towards his face.

"I can do that fine on my own, thanks!" Harry said hopelessly.

"Do what your instructed, Pet." Voldemort said finishing the little debate.

Harry slowly did has he was tolled, and leaned back into the bathwater. Voldemort then positioned himself ontop of Harry, now remember they are both naked. Harry glanced down at the awful sight of his dick touching Voldemort's. He also hated how Voldemort was able to keep himself up so he wasn't crushing the boy, but had just enough weight on him that it slightly caused blood to flow where it shouldn't be flowing.

Voldemort started to wave water wandlessly onto Harry's chest, then spread it about with his hands in contact with the skin.

"Good, good Pet. You'll be nice and clean to attended my meeting." Said Voldemort as he un nesasarily stroked Harry's body to wash him even though he was perfectly capable of wandlessly putting water on him. Harry laid there as still as possible; he knew any amount of in thought through fighting would get him no where. Harry was feeling a bit more confident though he didn't dare show it quite yet. Yes he would have to put aside his Gryffindor instincts of retaliating immediately in order to think up a few cunning strategies. Slytherin strategies.

The usual fear stimulated pit of fire in his stomach was starting to be mixed with... Rebellion?

"Stop that thought right now." Voldemort interrupted.

So, he's back to the unwanted privacy invading legilimense.

Voldemort chuckled-chuckled? Harry shuddered at the sight.

"Get up now, Pet. It's time to dry you.." Voldemort said with a leering smile. Harry slowly got up, this time keeping his eyes latched on the only scarlet ones in the room. These days, he felt that was his only way of showing he still had it in him. Just the simple act of holding eye contact until the other broke it off. It would take a while but Harry would make sure he was not the first one to break. It was a small thing, but it was a start.

Before he knew it, he was being dried off like a child by the creep holding him hostage. Voldemort would occasionally give a extra hard rub of the towel causing the smaller boy to fall back into the wall. Voldemort was now drying his back-and other places- while still standing in front of him.

Harry was finding it harder to hold eye contact.

Voldemort then started drying his lower back, pulling him into an uncomfortably tight hug. Harry's breath hitched as he whispered down his neck.

"You're going to break soon, Harry Potter," he pulled- more thrusted- himself closer to Harry.

"You'll be begging to."

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