I Can Touch You Now

Brief summary: Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort and realizes killing isn't the only thing on the evil wizards mind. He is sexually tortured, and held captive for quite some time. This is not a love story. It is lust, power, and control. Aka the real world.
Warnings: Includes sexual content, non con, rape, mild violence, crude language, slash, disturbing chapters, shitty cliff hangers.
Time Period: Order of the Phoenix
Character pairings: HP/LV
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story, blah blah blah, all that bullshit.


6. An Inescapable Fate

           Harry's heart sank. I should have known... Harry thought,Gosh I can't believe I actually thought I'd get away with this... Great who knows what's going to happen now! I'm such a bloody idiot! Harry continued to curse himself.

"Well at least you know you've done something completely insane! You've caused me great grief, great grief indeed, Potter!" Voldemort said completely outraged. Harry got nervous at the use of the name Potter. Nothing comes good after Potter. At Least when he said Pet, as annoying as it was, he could expect a bit of fake pleasantness. But the way Voldemort was at the moment, he wasn't going to be receiving any pleasantness at all, fake or not. 

"Now, what do you suppose I'm going to do to you now, Pet?" Harry couldn't help relaxing a bit at the sound of 'Pet'. "Give you a high five?" Voldemort continued snidely. "A nice glass of pumpkin juice? Huh?" There was a pause which Voldemort had Harry in the too familiar jaw lock, with Harry pushed up against the wall. Harry didn't really know if Voldemort actually expected an answer, and just continued to try and slow his breathing. The pause went on longer than a moment where Voldemort continued to look at Harry expectantly.

"ANSWER ME!" Voldemort bellowed, shaking Harry's head violently.

"I-I don't know." The answer didn't seem satisfying. Voldemort grabbed hold of Harry's arm and they Apparated into his head quarters. Harry's heart was pumping rapidly against his visible rib cage. (He's been naked since like chapter one)Voldemort had him slammed up against the wall.(what's new-_-) 

 "Now, certainly a clever boy like you would have a good guess on what's coming next,am I right?" Voldemort said, his voice laced with lust.  

"N-no I really don't know-"Roots came out of the wall, binding his arms outstretched and his legs spread a little ways. Harry surprisingly felt a little safer now that at least Voldemort didn't have access to his ass in this position. 

"Oh, of course dear Pet doesn't know, for whats coming next will be most unexpected," Voldemort said, retrieving his false niceness about him. Harry held his breath. He really didn't want Voldemort to touch him again, even if this time he wouldn't have to endure the burning pain of his enemy pounding into him. He hated being touched, he also hated that his body would most likely betray him.

Voldemort started stroking the boys raven hair and caressing the side of his face. Harry stayed perfectly still;he knew any amount of struggle would be worthless and only please Voldemort even further. 

"Well, your really hiding your emotions today aren't you Pet." Said Voldemort with the smile that creeped Harry out once more. "Feeling a bit-" the snakelike wizards hand left Harry's face and started down his chest and over his abdomen, "Shy? Are we?" Harry's breath hitched. Voldemort was really creeping him out now, and was also confusing him.  He thought he was just going to be tortured. He really didn't understand. Once again, Voldemort was being annoyingly and creepily unpredictable.

"Why don't we just defuse the tension a bit..." Voldemort said as he started to stroke Harry's soft cock. Defuse the tension!? The only thing being defused is my dignity! Harry thought disgustedly, as he shut his eyes and narrowed his eyebrows. He was trying to just imagine that he wasn't there,but his imagination was failing him. He could feel Voldemort's eyes on him, starting at every inch of his body.

Of course, Harry's body was already betraying him. He was growing quite hard under Voldemort's relentless strokes.

"Ah, once again I am not the only one gaining pleasure out of this." Voldemort said examining Harry's now fully erected length.

"No-no please- please anything else then thi-this!" Harry pleaded,unable to hide the humiliation and fear in his voice.

"I'm afraid that choice isn't yours." Voldemort then turned his back on Harry and undid his robes. Harry watched in horror as the fabric fell from the Dark Lords body, only to reveal his own horrid one. Harry only caught a glimpse of his deformity and he had had enough. He shut his eyes immediately and turned his cheek, as if trying to protect one side of his face.

Voldemort turned back and faced Harry again. He was hard just looking at the mere sight of his Pet. His Pet truly was the image of perfection; his thick raven hair with those burning green eyes. And that fair, fair skin. He wanted this boy imprisoned with him forever. He was never going to let him escape. Ever. "I want you to look at me." Voldemort growled,watching Harry struggle against the binds that held him to the wall. Harry held his breath, and did not move a muscle. He didn't want to look at Voldemort, not one bit. "I said," Voldemort began, raising his want at Harry, "Look at me!" He sent a a sharp stinging hex to the skin right under his eyes. Harry's eyes shot open, gasping in pain. Voldemort released the hex, with a smile creeping onto his face.

"Now, was that so hard? Well of course that wasn't but," the corrupt wizard glided closer to Harry, who was still trying to avoid looking at much of his body," This is." Voldemort was stroking the boys cock ever so lightly, and caused a slight gasp from Harry. "Now, prepare yourself."

Harry didn't like what he was hearing. He tried desperately to shake his scared demeanor, and glared back at Voldemort taking deep breaths. "Don't.." Harry began slowly, "Touch me. Nobody, is allowed to touch me." He didn't care that his physical body was pleading desperately to be touched some more, to be able to come. But Harry wasn't going to give Voldemort the satisfaction. He was not about to submit to the Dark Lord's perverted little pedophile games.

"Is that so? Since when do I say you where aloud to give yourself such athourity?" Voldemort asked sneering.

"Since I was born." Harry began defiantly. The sneer from Voldemort slowly faded away."Since I escaped Quirell and you, with the Sorcerers Stone. Since I got away from Tom Riddle, while destroying your diary." Harry's voice began to speed up, afraid that Voldemort would interrupt his little speech. "And let's not forget since last year, when I unsurprisingly slipped right out of your clutches. Don't you get it Tom!? You try and kill me about every year and you fail. What makes you think your going to succeed this time?" Harry could see the anger blazing in his enemy's already red eyes. Voldemort opened his mouth as if about to shout, but closed his eyes repressing the urge to do so.

"Yes, I'm sure you believe it is quite impressive to escape such a powerful sorcerer like myself. You really do need to start realizing that I am not going to kill you quite yet." Voldemort replied, trying to remain calm. He made his way even closer to Harry until he was practically breathing down his neck. "And I find myself saying,again, how you could be such a service to me." The serpent hissed into Harry's ear, with the boy. He new Voldemort would be getting his way with him somehow. Then the roots binding Harry aloft in the air vanished, sending him down with a thud.

"The fear of yours isn't there for no reason, pet." The Dark lord took the boy by the hair, and the rootlike ropes constricted his hands together. He flung the boy on the large bed, and soon followed him ontop. They where both, to Harry's horror, naked together. This was going to be a far more worse expirience than last due to the fact Voldemort now wanted it to be more than a brutal offense. He wasted to see the boy, see the fear in his beautiful eyes.

Harry could not move under his enemy's body, and tried hard not to glance down at it. He felt the familiar feel of discomfort as his enemy stroked his chest.

"You truly are the vision of perfection, Pet. So.. Pure. Innocent. Mine." Voldemort said with his voice dripping in lust.

"I belong to no one!" Harry protested. Voldemort ignored him, and man handled the smaller boy onto his stomach, and placed the head of his erection at his entrance. "And you will pay for your defiance, oh yes you will. I want to hear your screams, whimpers and crys. You will be begging for death any time now."

Harry was trying to brace himself, for he knew what was coming next. He told himself not to cry, as painful as it would be. He couldn't go without a fight.

Unexpectedly, Voldemort slammed into him right then and there. Harry had been expecting some little speech to freak him out, and was caught very off guard. He screamed involuntary, as his captor thrusted mercilessly into the innocent child. Harry knew there was no way out of it, and could barely think under the intolerable pain he was in. Voldemort groaned as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Every second of this was sheer heaven for him. He had the most innocent thing at his mercy, lying in his bed.

"Ahh! Stop!" Harry tried to cry out through his screams.

"You know deep down you deserve every bit of this, Potter! You belong To me now, slut! Your my whore, all mine!" Voldemort laughed through the sentence. Harry's gut jolted in pain and sorrow as he realized his in escape able fate.

After what felt like a century of relentless torture, Voldemort seemed to become tired. He pulled out of the quivering boy, who expected him to come thrusting back in.

"Did you like tht Pet?" Voldemort sneered wickedly.

"Like hell!" Harry spat. Voldemort hit him upside the head harshly.

"Let's try it again shall we? Now, did you enjoy that?"

"No! And I hope you rot in hell with the rest of your god awful death eaters!" Harry wasn't going to let a single smack break his spirits.

"Crucio!" Harry went into a fit of twitching, causing Voldemort to smile. After a good minute of fresh tears and screams, he released the curse. Harry was gasping for his breath back, his tear stained face in agony. "Now I am going to ask you one more time, Potter! Did you like it?"

"Y-Yes." Was all Harry could manage.

"You will start referring to me as Master. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Harry replied, not really paying attention to Voldemort's words. Voldemort smacked his face hard, knocking Harry off balance.

"Yes, who?!" He bellowed.

"Yes m- master!" Harry replied hurriedly. As hard as it was, he put his pride beside. He really couldn't take another round of the unforgivable curse.

"Now, you will sleep in this bed with me. Isn't that generous of your master? You should thank me after all." Voldemort said, further wanting to humiliate Harry.

"Thank you. Master." Harry added, hoping his hesitance on the use of the reference would go unnoticed. Voldemort layed down beside Harry and curled up around him at his waist. Harry was still shaking, and this only made him more uncomfortable. After a few moments of silence, Harry whispered barely audible,

"I hate you."

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