Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


9. Chapter 9 SeaPaw, The Love of my Life

ThornPaw raced after SeaPaw as she ran out of camp. SeaPaw's silver-blue fur rippled in the sunlight as she ran, her eyes a glowing green. Her fluffy fur blowing in the breeze, her long plumy tail swerving around. I wanted to entwine my tail with her, have her as my mate but didn't know how to show her he loved her. They separated to catch the most prey, when they met back at the Great Birch I had 5 squirrels and she had 6 mice. We started jogging back to camp talking about the clan on the way, when she entwined her tail with mine, my heart started jumping for joy. Then she came closer to me.

                    "I love you" she whispered in a soft voice, and then she put her muzzle in

my fur, by that point we weren't running anymore. When we got back to camp we deposited are fresh kill and were exhausted so we went to our nest curled around each other and quickly fell asleep. The next morning was my final assessment, my mentor took me out of camp and had me hunt, fight, and climb. When it was over my mentor came out from behind a bush and told me did well and my warrior ceremony would be at Moonrise I couldn't wait. When I got back to camp I couldn't find SeaPaw to tell her the good news. I guessed she was training her final assessment would be soon as well. But I couldn't keep back the feeling that something was wrong.


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