Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


8. Chapter 8 Surprise

SeaPaw was worried about PoisonSpots when she heard a wail from the nursery. She ran into the nursery while another cat was getting PoolSong. SquirrelWing was having Kits, she was breathing heavily, she immediately knew what herbs to give SquirrelWing. She ran to the Medicine den and got the herbs she needed, PoolSong was outside collecting herbs, so she rushed and got the herbs. SeaPaw gave the herbs to SquirrelWing, and gave her a stick. SquirrelWing bit into the stick whenever she felt pain, when they were done 5 kits lay near her belly. Finally PoolSong made it back to camp and immediately ran to the Nursery, when she saw the perfectly healthy kits next to their mother she knew something was up.

                   "Who helped you get your kits?" asked PoolSong

                   "I helped her" SeaPaw said stepping out of the shadows in the back of the nursery.

                   "How could you have helped her? I wasn't here, and your an apprentice training to be a Warrior!" yelped PoolSong in surprise.

                   "I don't really know, i just knew which herbs to give her" I answered.

                   "Are you sure? You really don't know?" asked PoolSong.

                   "Yes sorry PoolSong" I said. I was starting to get annoyed with PoolSong.

                   "Either way can come with me to my den? SquirrelWing you and your kits seem fine get some sleep" PoolSong said.

                   "Fine I'll come, there's nothing else for me to do anyway" SeaPaw answered. Then they both walked out of the den and into the Medicine Den. PoolSong motioned with her tail for me to settle in the nest across from her.

                   "Okay so whats all this about?" I said impatiently, I definitely was not waiting for her to start talking, it would take to long, especially knowing I would be going hunting with ThornPaw soon. 

                   "Before we start i'm telling you not to tell this to anybody, this is a prophecy and it's very important you can't tell anyone, Understand?" explained PoolSong. Should I really ask? I mean shouldn't she be saying this to SapStar?

                   "Why Me"

                   "Does everyone have to say that! because your in the prophecy, mousebrain"  Snapped PoolSong. I flinched on accident.

                   "OK never mind, whats this prophecy?" I asked, making sure to think about every word I said, in case she snapped at me again.

                   "The power of one, water alone, will shine through the darkest verse of the clans song of life" Recited PoolSong.

                   "How do we know its me?" I asked quickly, forgetting not to ask mousebrain questions.

                   "Because your the only one who fits the description! What do you think!" PoolSong snapped.

                   "I'm sorry! But what am I supposed to do?" SeaPaw asked.

                   "I don't know! But i wan't you to tell me if you get anything from StarClan, ANYTHING you understand?" responded PoolSong.

                   "Okay, I Promise" I said, thinking there would be nothing.

                   "Now go get ThornPaw" PoolSong said with a smile.

                   "How did you know!" I said shocked.

                   "It's easy to tell your in love with him, anyone can tell the way you always stare at each other, share food, even share nests!" said PoolSong giggling.

                   "Oh, well I better go, thanks for telling me about the Prophecy!" I said as I walked out of the Medicine Den, from there I could see ThornPaw waiting to go hunting with me. I ran to him as fast as I could.

                   "Lets go!" I said as I ran up to him. Then we both ran out of the camp.

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