Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


7. Chapter 7 Training

SeaPaw was asleep when LionClaw woke her up, it had been 3 moons since she was made an apprentice and fell in love with ThornPaw. she went out with her mentor, and they went straight to the training hollow. When they got there SeaPaw heard something when she told her mentor about it he said he hadn't heard it, and that I was having hearing problems. I was about to tell him i didn't have hearing problems when a badger ran out of the shadows and swiftly killed LionClaw, I quickly jumped on its back and bit at its neck. It tried to toss me off but I held on with all my strength, when he stopped struggling trying to toss me off, I started biting at its neck, at Sunhigh it was dead. I dragged the badger and my mentor back to camp when I made it back it was MoonRise, everyone was shocked at me dragging a badger and my mentor. We all sat vigil for LionClaw and dragged the badgers body to the end of our border. When the vigil was over, and it was the next day we buried my mentor, and i got my new one, LionClaw's brother, PoisonSpots. PoisonSpots immediately took me out to train.

"You are going to pay for killing LionClaw, i bet you he killed that badger" hissed PoisonSpots, and I flinched at his hatred filled glare. 











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