Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


14. Chapter 14 The New Leader

When I stood up from the vigil it was still dark, but dawn would break soon. PoolSong noticed me standing up and padded over to me. I nodded to ThornWhisker, telling him he was in charge while I would be gone. With that me and PoolSong left camp with the rising sun.

    The sun had fully risen as we were crossing LeafClan, the closest clan to the MoonPool. A patrol spotted us and PoolSong gave them the ‘look’ everytime she does that it seems like everyone understands. When we finally made it, she told me what to do and what to expect, I laid down next to the moonpool not wanting to see dead cats who were important to me.  I must have fallen asleep at some point because I woke up at the MoonPool, but around me there were rows and rows of cats with stars on their fur. A cat walked up to me, I barely recognized him but it was my father, FireLeaf. 8 other cats stepped out with my father, some of them I could recognize the rest I couldn’t.One by One they came up to me each one giving me a life, depending on the life it either hurt or felt wonderful. After the last one they all started chanting my new name, and sometime during it all faded black and I woke up at the MoonPool. PoolSong led me back to camp, and upon walking in everyone started chanting my new name. I tried to jump on the high rock, and failed I could hear the apprentices snickering, With PoolSongs help I made it to the top of the rock. Standing as tall as I could on the rock, I started feeling weird, like I was higher than everyone else, better than everyone else. I looked down to ThornWhisker and smiled.

    “ThornWhisker organize patrols, we need to eat sometime!” hopping down from the rock ThornWhisker soon took my place on top and started organizing patrols, I decided to get some much needed sleep padding into the leaders den and curled up in my new nest. Things were about to get interesting, very very interesting. If any cats had been near the leaders den they would have heard the maniacal laughing but everyone was out on patrol. Happily I fell asleep in my nest.

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