Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


13. Chapter 13 The battle of the trees and moon

SeaShine woke up at moonhigh to the sound of crinkling in the undergrowth, she looked outside camp and saw a battle patrols worth of pairs of eyes.

                "Were being attacked! Wake up! Hurry!" Screamed SeaShine quickly the warrior on vigil lay dead beside her, it was PoisonSpots. All the warriors had made it and were now behind SeaShine. They all heard the order to attack from the enemys leader, The warriors of Treeclan lept to the trees to safety from the warriors of MoonClan.

                "TreeClan ATTACK!" Yelled SapStar bravely. The warriors of Treeclan lept from the trees and onto the attackers backs making the attackers splat against the ground pinning them the forest floor. MoonClan retaliated quickly and started slashing at TreeClan, SeaShine could see cats getting badly wounded everywhere, she looked over at SapStar who was losing a life, she sent SapStars attacker fleeing and a bunch of clanmates crowded around SapStar who was losing his last life.

                "Is PoisonSpots still alive? He was deputy" asked SapStar

                "No SapStar" replied ThornWhisker.

                "SeaShine will be deputy because of her bravery and loyalty" were SapStars last words before he finally died. Everything had stopped every attacker had run away, but when they should be rejoicing they were mourning the loss of their great leader.

                "SapStars final words were for SeaShine to be deputy! SeaShine will be our next leader!" ThornWhisker announced after the night vigil. Everyone was ok with SapStars final decision even PoisonSpots' old followers.

                "I accept this great responsibility i will go to the MoonPool at sunrise with PoolSong, ThornWhisker will be my deputy" announced SeaShine after hopping on the HighRock.

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